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Who is better mother or dad?

Hello! I m Billy and I m seven years old. My mommy left dad and I two years ago. I have no idea where she went but here she is today, standing in front of me. Yes, I have missed her, but I love daddy too and Uncle Judge says I have to choose one person to stay with. Can you help me decide?

Some people believe I should continue to live with my dad. This is because when mommy left us out of the blue, daddy tried his best to fulfill her role as well.

Although we had to eat burnt toasts and uncooked omelets for a week, daddy finally learned to make a proper breakfast. He usually got late for work but always dropped me off to school himself and kissed me goodbye. I once overheard him on the phone with his boss; apparently he had missed a deadline as he was busy taking care of me when I had a fever.

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This led me to the conclusion that unlike mommy, he prioritized me over his career. We often went to the park after school where I enjoyed my evenings. One evening, I fell off the jungle gym and hurt myself pretty bad. Blood gushed out of my forehead, nose and arms. Upon noticing this, daddy carried me in his arms and sprinted across the roads, taking me to the hospital in time. There, he held my head when I had my stitches. When it was bed time, he read me stories and we had small talks, after which I dozed off.

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As daddy took great care of me during this time, and also sacrificed his job promotion for my sake, he is a good choice to stay with.

Other people believe living with my mom would be the best option. After all, she did take care of me for five years, didn t she? Going off for two years to pursue her career is not illegal, especially when men do it all the time. Some of my friends dads go to other countries for a year or two for job purposes and no one bats an eye. Also, I missed mommy, mostly when I reminisce our play time, our walks to the school and the yummy lunches she used to give me. Similar to every child when they are five, I too was closer to my mom. I miss that affection, warmth and attention that she accorded me with. Also, people say she earns much more than dad, so I will be getting the latest toys and maybe even going to exotic holiday locations if I get to live with her.

As a kid, you must have been asked, Who do you love more; mom or dad? Well, for me, answering this question today defines the rest of my life. I can either choose my dad who had the perception that family comes first, or my mom who had the opinion that once your career is established, you then concentrate on other things in life. Who do I choose?

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