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WEL 203A Jansen Newman Institute Chronic Illness and Disability Paper

WEL 203A Jansen Newman Institute Chronic Illness and Disability Paper


Introduction: Chronic illness and disability are complex issues that can be understood and addressed through various models. In Australia, the socioeconomic paradigm plays a significant role in shaping how these models are applied and their outcomes. This discussion will critically explore the medical model and the social model, highlighting their possibilities and limitations in the context of Australia’s socioeconomic landscape.

The Medical Model:


  1. Biological Understanding: The medical model emphasizes the biological aspects of chronic illness and disability, which can lead to accurate diagnoses and targeted treatments.
  2. Access to Healthcare: In Australia’s universal healthcare system, the medical model ensures that individuals with chronic conditions have access to medical professionals and specialized services.
  3. Objective Assessments: This model promotes standardized assessments and evidence-based interventions, which can lead to consistency in care.


  1. Pathologizing Disability: The medical model often views disability as a deficit or pathology, potentially stigmatizing individuals and ignoring the social factors contributing to their conditions.
  2. Passivity: Patients may be seen as passive recipients of care rather than active participants in their health management.
  3. Biomedical Focus: It may neglect psychosocial and environmental factors influencing health, limiting holistic care.

The Social Model:


  1. Social Determinants: The social model recognizes the impact of social determinants (e.g., socioeconomic status, discrimination) on health, prompting a broader understanding of chronic illness and disability.
  2. Empowerment: This model empowers individuals to advocate for their rights, fostering self-determination and participation in decision-making.
  3. Inclusive Society: It promotes societal changes, such as accessible infrastructure and policies, leading to greater inclusion and reduced discrimination.


  1. Resource Allocation: The social model’s emphasis on systemic change can require significant resources and time, potentially straining healthcare budgets.
  2. Incompatibility with Certain Conditions: While effective for many conditions, the social model may not fully address the biological aspects of certain chronic illnesses that require medical management.
  3. Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Implementing this model effectively often requires collaboration across multiple sectors, which can be challenging to coordinate.


In the Australian socioeconomic paradigm, both the medical and social models offer unique possibilities and face limitations in making sense of chronic illness and disability. The medical model ensures access to healthcare services and evidence-based treatments but may overlook social determinants. Conversely, the social model addresses the broader social context but requires systemic changes and resources. An integrated approach that combines elements of both models may offer the most comprehensive and effective means of addressing chronic illness and disability within the Australian context.

Please consult peer-reviewed articles and APA 7th edition guidelines for specific references and further in-depth analysis of these models in the Australian context.

WEL 203A Jansen Newman Institute Chronic Illness and Disability Paper





Compare and contrast the possibilities and limitations of two models of making sense of chronic illness and disability. The models you may choose from are the medical model, the biopsychosocial model, the social model and the ‘lifestyle’ model. Critically explore your models in terms of the currently existing Australian socioeconomic paradigm. APA 7thedition reference atleast 10, peer reviweded article,

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