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Weakest Link Guest Speaker Cyber Security Presentation

Weakest Link Guest Speaker Cyber Security Presentation


  1. Two Main Data Concerns in Cybersecurity:
    • Data Confidentiality: Ensuring that sensitive information remains private and is only accessible by authorized individuals.
    • Data Integrity: Ensuring that data is accurate, reliable, and hasn’t been tampered with or modified without authorization.
  2. Smishing, Vishing, and Phishing:
    • Smishing: Smishing is a form of cyberattack where attackers use text messages (SMS) to trick individuals into revealing personal or financial information, often by posing as a legitimate entity.
    • Vishing: Vishing stands for “voice phishing.” It involves attackers using phone calls to impersonate trusted entities, such as banks or government agencies, to manipulate victims into providing sensitive information over the phone.
    • Phishing: Phishing is a broad term that encompasses various methods of tricking individuals into revealing sensitive information, often through deceptive emails, websites, or messages. It can involve impersonating trusted entities to gain trust and access to personal or financial information.
  3. Three Different Items Used for Security Authentication Procedures:
    • Passwords/PINs: Traditional alphanumeric codes that users enter to verify their identity.
    • Biometrics: Unique physical or behavioral characteristics, such as fingerprints, facial recognition, or voice recognition.
    • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)/Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): A combination of something the user knows (e.g., a password) and something the user has (e.g., a mobile device for receiving a one-time code) for added security.
  4. Weakest Link in Cybersecurity:
    • Often, the weakest link in cybersecurity is the human factor. Human errors, lack of awareness, and susceptibility to social engineering attacks can compromise even the most robust security measures.
  5. Advice on Answering Backup Security Questions:
    • Dane’s advice may vary, but generally, it’s recommended not to use easily guessable or publicly available information for backup security questions. Instead, use answers that are unique to you and not easily discoverable through social media or public records.
  6. Key Takeaway (Most Interesting):
    • Since I cannot access the specific content of Dane Deutsch’s presentation, I can’t provide a specific key takeaway from his presentation. However, a common key takeaway in cybersecurity is the importance of constant vigilance, user education, and implementing strong security practices to protect personal and organizational data from various cyber threats.

Weakest Link Guest Speaker Cyber Security Presentation





Please answer the following questions based on what Dane Deutsch presented. Here is the link for the video https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ApV1EN328I99GFXd…

  1. What are the two main data concerns in cyber security?
  2. Define smishing, vishing, and phishing
  3. Describe the three different items used for security authentication procedures?
  4. What is the weakest link in cyber security?
  5. What was Dane’s advice on answering those back-up security questions to authenticate you?
  6. What was most interesting to you – a key takeaway?
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