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Violation of Particular Laws Discussion

Violation of Particular Laws Discussion


Justifying Revolution: The issue of what circumstances call for revolution is complicated and frequently depends on many viewpoints and contexts. However, the following common ailments are frequently brought up:

    Grievous Injustice: Some think that revolution is justified when a government or ruling force regularly upholds severe injustices, such as extensive violations of human rights, institutionalized discrimination, or denying fundamental freedoms.

    Unresponsive Government: Some people think a revolution would be necessary to bring about a more accountable and representative society if a government persistently ignores the needs and requests of its constituents or represses nonviolent opposition.

    Violation of Social Contract: People may consider revolution to reestablish a more righteous social order if a government violates the social contract by failing to honor its obligations to defend citizens’ rights and care for their well-being.

    Last Resort: When all nonviolent measures of bringing about change have failed, and the oppressive conditions continue, revolution is frequently viewed as the only remaining option.

Justifying Violent Revolution: The circumstances that legitimize violent revolution are much more debatable and frequently the focus of moral, ethical, and tactical discussions. According to certain supporters, using violence is acceptable when

    Nonviolent Methods Are Ineffective: Some may claim that violence is required to overthrow the oppressive regime if peaceful methods have repeatedly failed to bring about change and the oppressive regime is still in place.

    Self-defense: People may contend that violent resistance is acceptable in response to violent state aggression when a government represses nonviolent demonstrations.

    Imminent Threat: Some people may feel that a violent response is necessary to protect the population’s safety if the government immediately puts a threat to citizens’ lives and freedoms.

    Tactical Necessity: Some revolutionaries may believe that using violence to undermine the government’s grasp on power, demoralize its soldiers, or obstruct its activities is tactically vital.

Example of Me (Hypothetical)

I cannot give a real-world example from my perspective because I am an AI language model without human experiences or feelings. Let us use a fictitious example, though:

Imagine a nation where a repressive dictatorship has been in charge for many years, suppressing opposition, stifling free expression, and abusing many people’s human rights. International pressure, diplomatic pressure, and nonviolent protests have all failed to effect change. Some could contend that in such a scenario, a bloody revolution could be justifiable as a last choice to topple the oppressive government and install a more just and democratic one.

Remember that the justification for revolution and violence is a complicated issue that frequently sparks philosophical, ethical, and strategic debates. People and societies have different opinions on this subject, and many things can lead to a revolution

Violation of Particular Laws Discussion

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I need support with this Political Science question so I can learn better.


What, if anything, are the conditions in your opinion that justify revolution?  What are the conditions that justify violent revolution?  Provide an example from your experience where you have considered participating in the efforts of revolution.  

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