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UNT Advertisement for KFCs Original Recipe Chicken Discussion

UNT Advertisement for KFCs Original Recipe Chicken Discussion


Training Outline for New Board Members at Human Service Nonprofits:

Total Time: 3 hours

  1. Welcome and Introduction (15 minutes)
    • Greeting and welcome.
    • Brief introduction to the purpose of the training.
    • Icebreaker activity to encourage interaction.
  2. Understanding the Nonprofit Sector (30 minutes)
    • Overview of the nonprofit sector’s role in the community.
    • Explanation of the unique characteristics of nonprofit organizations.
    • Discussion on the importance of mission and vision statements.
  3. Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members (45 minutes)
    • Defining the board’s role in governance and oversight.
    • Responsibilities of individual board members, including fiduciary duties.
    • Expectations for active participation and commitment.
  4. Legal and Ethical Considerations (30 minutes)
    • Overview of legal requirements for nonprofits (e.g., 501(c)(3) status).
    • Discussion of ethical dilemmas board members may encounter.
    • Importance of transparency and accountability.
  5. Strategic Planning (45 minutes)
    • The role of the board in strategic planning.
    • Key components of a strategic plan.
    • The importance of aligning the organization’s mission with its strategic goals.
  6. Financial Management (30 minutes)
    • Basic financial literacy for board members.
    • Understanding financial statements (balance sheet, income statement).
    • Ensuring financial sustainability and responsibility.
  7. Fundraising and Resource Development (30 minutes)
    • The board’s role in fundraising and donor relations.
    • Diversifying revenue streams.
    • Cultivating relationships with donors and partners.
  8. Program Evaluation and Impact Assessment (30 minutes)
    • Measuring and assessing program effectiveness.
    • Monitoring outcomes and impact.
    • Making data-driven decisions.
  9. Effective Board Meetings and Communication (30 minutes)
    • Best practices for conducting board meetings.
    • Communication within the board and with staff.
    • Balancing governance and operational discussions.
  10. Board Development and Succession Planning (15 minutes)
    • Identifying and nurturing future board leaders.
    • Planning for smooth transitions and continuity.
    • Encouraging diversity and inclusion on the board.
  11. Q&A and Discussion (15 minutes)
    • Open the floor for questions and discussion on any topic covered.
  12. Closing Remarks and Next Steps (15 minutes)
    • Summarize key takeaways.
    • Provide resources for ongoing learning and support.
    • Encourage networking among board members.

This outline allows for a comprehensive introduction to the responsibilities and knowledge needed for effective board service in human service nonprofits within a 3-hour timeframe.

Analysis of Persuasion Techniques in Advertisements:

Advertisements for Common Products:

  1. Product: Coca-Cola
    • Description: A vibrant and visually appealing TV advertisement featuring people of various backgrounds and ages sharing joyful moments while drinking Coca-Cola. The setting is a picnic in a sunny park, with everyone smiling and having a great time.
    • Persuasion Techniques:
      • Emotional Appeal: The ad evokes positive emotions like happiness and togetherness, associating them with the product.
      • Social Proof: By showing diverse people enjoying Coca-Cola, it implies that it’s a universally loved beverage.
      • Scarcity: Coca-Cola is positioned as a refreshing drink for special moments, creating a sense of scarcity or exclusivity.
  2. Product: Apple iPhone
    • Description: A sleek and minimalist advertisement showcasing the latest iPhone’s design and features. The focus is on the phone’s stunning visuals, powerful capabilities, and ease of use.
    • Persuasion Techniques:
      • Appeal to Authority: Apple’s reputation for innovation and quality is highlighted.
      • Fear of Missing Out (FOMO): The ad implies that not owning the latest iPhone means missing out on cutting-edge technology.
      • Visual Appeal: The stunning visuals and elegant design appeal to consumers’ desire for aesthetics.
  3. Product: Nike Athletic Shoes
    • Training Outline for New Board Members at Human Service Nonprofits:
    • Persuasion Techniques:
      • Celebrity Endorsement: Using famous athletes establishes credibility and influence.
      • Emotional Appeal: It taps into consumers’ desire for self-improvement and a sense of accomplishment.
      • Bandwagon Effect: Implying that wearing Nike makes you part of a community of active and driven individuals.

Reimagining a Different Frame for Coca-Cola Advertisement:

For a different perspective, the Coca-Cola ad could focus on sustainability and environmental consciousness:

  • Description: The ad starts with breathtaking shots of pristine natural landscapes, highlighting the Earth’s beauty. It then transitions to people from various backgrounds participating in eco-friendly activities like cleaning beaches, planting trees, and reducing plastic waste. Finally, they come together to enjoy a refreshing Coca-Cola, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to sustainability.
  • Persuasion Techniques:
    • Environmental Appeal: Emphasizing Coca-Cola’s eco-friendly initiatives and commitment to a greener planet.
    • Altruism: Encouraging viewers to make a positive impact on the environment.
    • Positive Association: Linking Coca-Cola with a sense of responsibility and environmental stewardship.

UNT Advertisement for KFCs Original Recipe Chicken Discussion



1.)  You are going to develop and present a training to new board members at a variety of human service nonprofits in your community.  Develop and articulate an outline of the topics you think are most important to new board members, remembering that you have only 3 hours to present the material.  Designate how much time you will spend on each topic.

  • 2.)  Watch, read, or listen to 3 advertisements, for common products.  Describe the ads and articulate the persuasion techniques being used in them.  Take one of the products, and use a frame that is quite different–describe how that would look.
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