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Understanding Style in The Main Forms of Business Messages Discussion

Understanding Style in The Main Forms of Business Messages Discussion


Understanding Style in the Main Forms of Business Messages

  1. Concerns About Correctness in Email Communication: Some authorities argue that concerns about correctness can hinder a person’s email communication in the business world. This view has merit to a certain extent. While it’s essential for business emails to be accurate and professional, excessive concerns about correctness can lead to overly formal and time-consuming communication. Here are some points to consider:
    • Overemphasis on Correctness: If individuals are too preoccupied with grammar, punctuation, and formatting in every email, it may slow down communication and lead to a rigid, less efficient workflow.
    • Impact on Tone: Constantly worrying about correctness can affect the tone of emails, making them seem cold and impersonal. This can hinder relationship-building within a professional network.
    • Balancing Act: While correctness is important, it’s equally crucial to strike a balance between formal correctness and clear, effective communication. Business emails should convey the intended message clearly and respectfully.
  2. Formality in Email Messages in the Business World: The level of formality in email messages varies widely in the business world, and this variation can be justified based on several factors:
    • Audience: The formality of an email often depends on the recipient. Emails to superiors, clients, or partners tend to be more formal, while communication within a team or with colleagues may be more relaxed.
    • Purpose: The purpose of the email plays a significant role. Formality is higher in emails containing legal agreements, official announcements, or requests for proposals, as compared to routine updates or casual discussions.
    • Company Culture: Organizational culture can influence email formality. Some companies prioritize professionalism and formality in all communication, while others encourage a more relaxed tone to foster creativity and collaboration.
  3. Shortcuts in Text Messaging and Spelling Ability: Concerns about shortcuts in text messaging and instant messaging affecting users’ spelling ability in formal contexts are valid to some extent. Here’s why:
    • Informal Language: Text messaging and instant messaging often involve shorthand, abbreviations, and emoticons. Overreliance on these shortcuts can lead to a decline in proper spelling and grammar skills.
    • Contextual Awareness: Users need to be aware of the context and audience when switching between informal and formal communication. Failing to do so may result in unprofessionalism in formal contexts.
    • Balancing Act: While shortcuts are acceptable in casual settings, individuals should maintain their spelling and grammar skills for formal business communication to avoid misunderstandings and maintain professionalism.
  4. Appropriateness of Instant Messaging: The choice to use instant messaging in a given situation depends on several factors:
    • Urgency: Instant messaging is suitable for quick, real-time communication when urgency is paramount. It’s not ideal for long, complex discussions or formal announcements.
    • Recipient: The familiarity and relationship with the recipient matter. Instant messaging is more appropriate for colleagues and close business contacts than for superiors or clients.
    • Content: Consider the nature of the content. Simple queries, quick updates, or informal discussions are suitable for instant messaging. Important decisions or formal documentation should be handled via other means.
  5. Businesses Using Social Media to Communicate: Businesses use various social media platforms to communicate with external audiences, and the choice of platform depends on the target audience and communication goals:
    • Facebook vs. Instagram: Facebook is often used for more extensive content, such as product announcements, company news, and customer service. Instagram, on the other hand, is visual-centric and suitable for showcasing products, behind-the-scenes content, and influencer partnerships.
    • Twitter: Twitter is excellent for real-time updates, engaging with customers, and sharing industry insights or quick announcements.
    • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is primarily for professional networking, making it ideal for B2B communication, job postings, and industry thought leadership.

Businesses should choose the platform that aligns with their audience’s preferences and the type of content they wish to convey. They should also adapt their communication style to the unique characteristics of each platform to maximize effectiveness.

Understanding Style in The Main Forms of Business Messages Discussion




  1. Some authorities say that concerns about correctness inhibit a person’s email communication. Does this view have merit? Discuss.
  2. Discuss and justify the wide range of formality used in email messages in the business world.
  3. Some authorities say that shortcuts in text messaging and instant messaging will lead to users’ inability to spell properly in more formal contexts. Discuss.
  4. What factors might determine whether or not instant messaging would be an appropriate medium to use in a given situation?
  5. Discuss ways in which businesses might (or do) use social media to communicate with external audiences of consumer customers and business customers. You should be specific about which social media service you’re talking about, since they differ in how they’re used. Think of the difference of Facebook vs. Instagram, for instance.
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