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UF Ethical and Environmental Concerns Surrounding Netflix Essay

UF Ethical and Environmental Concerns Surrounding Netflix Essay


nalyzing Netflix’s Sustainable Competitive Advantages:

  1. Content Library (Intangible Strategy):
    • Netflix’s vast content library is one of its primary sustainable competitive advantages. It includes a diverse range of original and licensed content, catering to various tastes and preferences.
    • This advantage falls under the category of “Customer Excellence” as it directly enhances the customer experience by offering a wide selection of high-quality content.
    • It is sustainable because building such a library requires significant financial resources, long-term relationships with content creators, and the ability to continuously invest in new and exclusive content.
    • The source of this advantage is primarily its financial resources and content creation capabilities. Netflix invests heavily in content production, which sets it apart from competitors.
    • The advantage is likely to last as long as Netflix continues to invest in content creation and maintains its position as a leading streaming platform. However, as more competitors enter the market, sustaining this advantage may become increasingly challenging.
  2. Personalization Algorithms (Variable Strategy):
    • Netflix’s recommendation algorithms are highly advanced, providing personalized content recommendations to users based on their viewing history and preferences.
    • This falls under the category of “Operational Excellence” as it streamlines the user experience and keeps subscribers engaged by offering content tailored to their interests.
    • The advantage is sustainable because it relies on Netflix’s extensive data collection and analysis capabilities, which improve with time and usage, making it difficult for competitors to replicate.
    • The source of this advantage is Netflix’s data analytics expertise and continuous improvement in machine learning algorithms.
    • As long as Netflix maintains its focus on data-driven personalization and keeps innovating in this area, this advantage should last for the foreseeable future. However, it is not entirely immune to imitation, but the more data Netflix accumulates, the harder it becomes for competitors to catch up.
  3. Global Reach (Inseparable Business Strategy):
    • Netflix’s presence in over 190 countries is a significant competitive advantage. It allows the company to tap into a vast global subscriber base and negotiate international content deals.
    • This advantage falls under the category of “Market Excellence” as it gives Netflix access to a wide and diverse customer base.
    • The advantage is sustainable because expanding to new regions requires a significant investment in infrastructure, content localization, and marketing. It’s challenging for competitors to match Netflix’s global footprint.
    • The source of this advantage is Netflix’s willingness to invest heavily in international expansion and its ability to adapt to local market needs.
    • As long as Netflix continues to invest in international growth and adapts its content and marketing strategies to local preferences, this advantage should persist. However, competitors can slowly catch up by expanding their own global presence.
  4. Original Content Production (Variable Strategy):
    • Netflix’s commitment to producing high-quality original content has set it apart from competitors. It has a track record of creating critically acclaimed shows and movies.
    • This advantage aligns with both “Customer Excellence” and “Operational Excellence” categories as it attracts and retains subscribers while also showcasing the company’s production capabilities.
    • The advantage is sustainable because it relies on Netflix’s ability to attract top talent, fund ambitious projects, and maintain creative freedom for content creators.
    • The source of this advantage is Netflix’s financial resources, relationships with talent, and its ability to take creative risks.
    • As long as Netflix continues to invest in original content and remains a top destination for content creators, this advantage is likely to persist. However, competitors are also increasing their investments in original content, so Netflix must maintain its lead through consistent quality and innovation.
  5. Subscription-Based Model (Perishability Business Strategy):
    • Netflix’s subscription-based model provides a steady and predictable stream of revenue, allowing for long-term planning and investment.
    • This advantage aligns with “Financial Excellence” as it ensures a consistent cash flow, which is crucial for content production and expansion.
    • The advantage is sustainable because it creates customer loyalty and makes it challenging for competitors to lure subscribers away with a one-time purchase model.
    • The source of this advantage is Netflix’s focus on customer retention and its ability to offer a wide range of subscription tiers to cater to different budgets.
    • This advantage is likely to last as long as the subscription model remains popular and Netflix continues to provide value for its subscribers. However, it may be susceptible to shifts in consumer preferences or regulatory changes.

To stay ahead of competitors and maintain these advantages, Netflix must continue to innovate, invest strategically, adapt to changing market conditions, and focus on customer satisfaction. Additionally, it should closely monitor the actions of its competitors to anticipate threats and seize new opportunities as they arise.

UF Ethical and Environmental Concerns Surrounding Netflix Essay





The Company I Have Chosen: Netflix

Directions –>

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Experience: Pick a company, division of a company, strategic business unit, brand family, product or product line (more specific is better) 

Will be analyzing Netflix’s competitors and their advantages and disadvantages. Netflix has been trending due to the change in policy with password sharing. What effect will this have on the company?



This industry report will discuss your target firm AND its key competitors. Both are great resources you can use for lots of business analysis; either source is fine for this, whichever gives you the most useful information.

 Identify and discuss 3-5 specific sustainable competitive advantages you believe are most important (core) for

What broad categories would you put these advantages in (customer excellence, operational excellence, etc.)?

Why are these advantages most important?

What makes these advantages sustainable (valuable, rare, inimitable,

What is the source of each advantage (assets, capabilities)?

How long do you think each advantage will last?

If competitors are able to eventually imitate or substitute these advantages, how will this firm stay ahead?

Remember, competitive advantages are relative to the advantages competitors have, so consider competitors, particularly the one you looked up, in your answers.

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