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Part I. Introduction

Social justice refers to the fair and equitable distribution of resources, opportunities, and privileges within a society, with a focus on ensuring that all individuals are treated with dignity and respect regardless of their background, identity, or circumstances. It involves addressing systemic inequalities, discrimination, and injustices to promote a more inclusive and equal society. Social justice encompasses a wide range of issues, including economic disparities, racial and gender inequality, access to education and healthcare, and more. It is about creating a world where everyone has a fair chance to thrive and where human rights are upheld.

Sources Consulted:

  1. National Association of Social Workers (NASW) – https://www.socialworkers.org/what-s-new/news/social-justice/what-is-social-justice
  2. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy – https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/justice-social/
  3. United Nations – https://www.un.org/en/sections/issues-depth/social-justice/index.html
  4. American Psychological Association (APA) – https://www.apa.org/topics/social-justice

Part II. Multi-Media Project: Designing a Charity to Address Gun Violence

1. Topic Selection:

  • The charity I am designing aims to address the issue of gun violence. I have chosen this topic because gun violence remains a pressing and devastating problem in many societies, resulting in loss of lives, injuries, and lasting trauma for affected individuals and communities.

2. Charity Name:

  • Name: “PeaceGuard”
  • Explanation: The name “PeaceGuard” signifies our commitment to safeguarding peace in our communities by addressing the root causes of gun violence and promoting non-violent conflict resolution.

3. Charity Logo:

  • Logo Design: [Include the image of the logo here]
  • Explanation: Our logo features a dove holding an olive branch in its beak, symbolizing peace and unity. The circular shape represents community and inclusivity, highlighting our goal to unite people against gun violence.

4. Charity Motto:

  • Motto: “Aiming for a Safer Tomorrow”
  • Explanation: This motto encapsulates our dedication to creating a safer society, where individuals can live without the fear of gun violence.

5. Target Group:

  • Our charity aims to help victims of gun violence, their families, and communities affected by this issue, as well as working towards preventing future acts of gun violence.

6. Addressing the Issue:

  • Campaign Ideas:
    1. “Guns Down, Lives Up”: Awareness campaign focusing on responsible gun ownership, safe storage, and education on the consequences of gun violence.
    2. “Healing Hearts”: Support and counseling services for survivors of gun violence and their families, aiding in their emotional recovery.
    3. “Policy Change Pioneers”: Advocacy and lobbying efforts to promote sensible gun control measures and reforms.

7. Funding:

  • Our campaigns will be funded through a combination of individual donations, corporate sponsorships, and grants from foundations committed to reducing gun violence. We will also organize fundraising events and seek partnerships with like-minded organizations to maximize our impact. Transparency in financial management will be a top priority.

Through “PeaceGuard,” we aspire to contribute to the reduction of gun violence, fostering safer communities and a society where every individual can thrive without the constant threat of firearm-related harm.





Part I.  Introduction.   10 marks total.   1)     Conduct some online research and craft a one paragraph answer IN YOUR OWN WORDS to the question:  What is social justice?  Consult at least 3-4 different sources before crafting your answer.  Include the sources you consulted.  6 marks.

Insert answer here.    Part 2 Multi-Media Project /40     

Everyone has a cause and every cause has a champion

  • Everyday, all around the world, there are people who are working hard to tackle social justice issues. These are people, individuals and organizations who are passionate about a cause and are taking action to try to create change.


Design a charitable organization that aims to address your topic of choice.  ·

Create a multi-media presentation to present your work.   ·

  • Choose ONE of these multimedia presentation programs: PowerPoint, or Prezi, or Open Office “Impress” OneDrive or YouTube to create a vibrant informative multi-media presentation.  MULTI MEDIA PRESENTATION MUST INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING.  ALSO CITE A MINIMUM OF 3-4 CITATIONS.

Design you own personal charity to address GUN VIOLENCE:

1.     State the topic that your charity will aim to address and explain why you have chosen this topic.

2.     Name your charity and explain why you have chosen this name.

3.     Design and include an image of a logo for your charity. You may do this by hand or using a design program (DO NOT just copy an existing one from google images!). Include a short explanation for your design choices.

4.     Create a motto for your charity, a single sentence catch phrase.

5.     Describe who your charity is aiming to help, this is your target group.

6.     Describe how your charity is going to address your issue. Come up with at least 2-3 campaign ideas.

7.     Consider and explain how you will fund your campaign.

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