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Text, Context, Subtext, Symbols.

Text, Context, Subtext, Symbols.



  1. In the context of humanities, text refers to the explicit content, words, or symbols used in a work of art, literature, or any form of expression. Context encompasses the background, historical, cultural, and social factors that surround and influence the creation and interpretation of the text. Subtext is the underlying or hidden meaning, emotions, or messages that can be inferred from the text and context. These elements are important to the humanities because they allow for a deeper understanding of artistic and cultural expressions, enabling us to explore the layers of meaning within a work.
  2. Let’s take the song “Imagine” by John Lennon as an example:
    • Text: The lyrics of the song explicitly convey a message of peace, unity, and a world without divisions.
    • Context: The song was written and released during a period of social and political turmoil in the 1970s, making it a response to the context of the time, particularly the Vietnam War and the Cold War.
    • Subtext: The subtext of the song implies a critique of societal divisions and conflicts, and it encourages listeners to imagine a more harmonious world.


  1. Based on ancient hieroglyphs, it can be inferred that the cultures that used them placed great importance on written communication, religion, and symbolism. Hieroglyphs were predominantly used for religious and monumental inscriptions, suggesting the significance of spirituality and the recording of important historical events.
  2. Based on emojis on our phones, it’s evident that our culture values concise and visual communication. Emojis represent emotions, objects, and actions and are often used in digital conversations to convey tone and context. This reflects our culture’s emphasis on quick and expressive communication in the age of smartphones and social media.
  3. Similarities between our use of symbols for words and those of the ancient world include the use of visual symbols to convey meaning, the importance of context in interpretation, and the ability to convey complex ideas through symbols. Differences include the shift from physical inscriptions to digital symbols and a wider range of symbols and emojis available today for various contexts and emotions.
  4. Ancient hieroglyphs are considered more complex than “just a picture” or symbol because they represent a combination of logographic and alphabetic elements, allowing for the expression of words, syllables, and phonetic sounds. They can be used for both semantic and phonetic purposes, making them a versatile system for recording language, history, and religious texts.
  5. Modern emojis are becoming more complex in several ways:
    • Media: Emojis are now used in various forms of media, including advertisements, movies, and TV shows, to convey messages and engage with audiences.
    • Advertising: Companies use emojis in marketing campaigns to evoke emotions, making them a crucial tool in modern advertising.
    • Globalization: Emojis are a universal language that transcends linguistic barriers, facilitating global communication and cultural exchange.
    • Artistic Expression: Artists and designers create intricate and customized emojis for various purposes, adding complexity and creativity to this form of visual communication.
    • Social and Political Commentary: Emojis are used to comment on social and political issues, adding layers of meaning and complexity to online discourse.

Text, Context, Subtext, Symbols.






1: Based on what you read in Unit 1: Module 1(attacthed file), in a few sentences define text, context, and subtext in relation to each other and their importance to the humanities.

2: Pick a song and label it in terms of text, context and subtext. Of course, we can do this with any type of art or historical piece, but for this let’s keep it simple: just choose a song.


1. Based on the ancient hieroglyphs shown in the Module, what can you infer was important to their cultures?

2. Based on the emoji’s on your phone, what can you tell is important to our culture?

3. What are the similarities and the differences between our use of symbols for words and those of the ancient world?

4. Explain how ancient hieroglyphs are considered more complex than “just a picture” or symbol.

5. Explain how modern emoji’s are increasingly becoming more complex.  (think big, media, advertizing, movies, think globally)

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