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Subnet Classes And CIDR Notation Essay

Subnet Classes And CIDR Notation Essay


Subnets are divisions of IP address ranges used in networking that facilitate effective routing and address assignment. Traditionally, IP addresses were categorized into classes according to their leading bits; however, Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) has mostly superseded this method. Still, it’s helpful to comprehend the idea of IP address classes:

Subnet Class A:

1.0.0 through is the range.
Utilized for big networks with a high density of hosts.
The network has reserved the first octet (8 bits), with hosts accessing the remaining 24 bits.
For instance, b. Category B Subnet: through is the range.
Ideal for networks of a moderate scale.
The network has reserved the first two octets (16 bits), and hosts can use the remaining 16 bits., for instance, is a Class C subnet. through is the range.
Utilized in tiny networks.
Eight bits remain available for hosts, and the first three octets (24 bits) are set aside for the network.
Example: d. Class D Subnet (Multicast): to is the range.
It is not usually used for conventional IP addressing; instead, it is reserved for multicast groups.
Subnet Class E (Experimental): to is the range.
It is not recommended for conventional networking but only in experimental settings.
Due to the widespread use of CIDR notation, which enables a more flexible and effective allocation of IP addresses, these classes are largely obsolete and have less significance today.

How does one go about finding the CIDR notation in a certain subnet?
IP address ranges and subnet masks can be specified more easily using CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) notation than the conventional class-based system. Use these procedures to find the CIDR notation for a certain subnet:

Determine the subnet’s IP address range (a). The range’s first and last IP addresses must be known to you.

Ascertain the subnet mask (b). A 32-bit binary number known as the subnet mask is used to identify which part of an IP address is the network section (containing the network address) and which part is the host portion (containing the address of each specific device).

c. Determine the length of the prefix. This is the number of bits set to 1 in the subnet mask. It displays the size of the address’s network part.

Rewrite the subnet mask using CIDR notation (d). Count the number of consecutive 1s in the subnet mask to accomplish this. Your prefix length is this.

e. Use the IP address, a slash(/), and the prefix length to write the CIDR notation. For instance, the CIDR notation would be if your IP range is to and your network mask is (or /24 in CIDR notation).

CIDR notation is an important technology in contemporary networking because it enables more accurate and effective addressing and routing.

Subnet Classes And CIDR Notation Essay

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I’m stuck on a Computer Science question and need an explanation.


1.Describe the various classes of subnets and what they are used for.

2.What is the process for determining CIDR notation in a specific subnet?

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