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Strategic Thinking Decision Making and Innovation Synopsis

Strategic Thinking Decision Making and Innovation Synopsis


  1. How to Tackle Your Toughest Decisions (Badaracco, 2016): Badaracco’s article emphasizes the importance of ethical decision-making and moral reasoning in leadership. He suggests that leaders should use a framework he calls the “4V Framework” – voice, virtue, vision, and veracity – to guide their decision-making. This approach encourages leaders to consider multiple perspectives, uphold ethical values, define a clear vision, and maintain honesty in their decision-making process. Badaracco emphasizes that leaders should be prepared to make difficult decisions while staying true to their moral compass, even when facing adversity.
  2. Leadership Lessons from India (Cappelli et al., 2010): Cappelli and his colleagues draw valuable leadership lessons from India’s diverse and dynamic business landscape. They highlight the importance of adaptability, humility, and the ability to manage in a complex, uncertain environment. The authors suggest that leaders can learn from India’s leaders who excel in navigating ambiguity, building strong relationships, and leveraging the country’s rich talent pool. This article underscores the significance of cultural intelligence and adaptability in leadership.
  3. The Business Case for Curiosity (Francesca, 2018): Francesca’s article explores the role of curiosity as a driver of innovation and strategic thinking. She argues that curiosity can lead to better decision-making, as it encourages leaders and organizations to explore new ideas, ask critical questions, and challenge assumptions. Francesca presents a compelling case for fostering a culture of curiosity within organizations to promote innovation. She also discusses various practical approaches to nurturing curiosity, such as encouraging open dialogue, diverse perspectives, and continuous learning.
  4. When Your Moon Shots Don’t Take Off (Furr et al., 2019): Furr, Dyer, and Nel delve into the challenges of pursuing ambitious innovation projects, often referred to as “moon shots.” They argue that while such endeavors can be transformative, they are also risky and often fail. The authors advocate for a balanced approach to innovation that combines “moon shots” with more incremental, low-risk initiatives. This approach, known as “innovation ambidexterity,” allows organizations to explore radical innovations while ensuring they maintain stability and sustainability through smaller, manageable projects.
  5. Zoom In, Zoom Out (Kanter, 2011): Kanter’s article introduces the concept of “zooming in” and “zooming out” as complementary strategies for leaders. “Zooming in” involves a close focus on day-to-day operations and immediate challenges, while “zooming out” entails taking a broader perspective and considering long-term goals and trends. Kanter argues that successful leaders strike a balance between these two perspectives, as they are essential for effective decision-making. This approach helps leaders address both immediate issues and long-term strategic objectives.
  6. Stop Doubling Down on Your Failing Strategy (Vermeulen & Sivanathan, 2017): Vermeulen and Sivanathan’s article addresses the common tendency of organizations to persist with failing strategies. They propose a framework for recognizing and escaping from these “escalation traps.” The authors emphasize the importance of regularly reassessing strategies, monitoring key performance indicators, and seeking external perspectives to avoid doubling down on ineffective approaches. This article highlights the significance of adaptive decision-making and the ability to pivot when necessary.

In conclusion, the selected Harvard Business Review articles offer valuable insights into strategic thinking, decision-making, and innovation. They underscore the importance of ethical decision-making, cultural intelligence, curiosity, innovation ambidexterity, balancing perspectives, and adaptive strategy in the dynamic world of business. These concepts provide leaders and organizations with a toolkit to navigate complex challenges, make informed decisions, and drive innovation for long-term success.

Strategic Thinking Decision Making and Innovation Synopsis





Utilizing Business Source Premier through the University Library’s databases (link provided in the Getting Started folder), locate and review the following articles:

Badaracco, J. L. (2016).  How to tackle your toughest decisions.  Harvard Business Review, 94(9), 104-107.

Cappelli, P.; Singh, H.; Singh, J. V.; & Useem, M. (2010).  Leadership lessons from India.  Harvard Business Review, 88(3), 90-97.

Francesca, G. (2018).  The business case for curiosity.  Harvard Business Review, 96(5), 48-57.

Furr, N.; Dyer, J. H.; & Nel, K. (2019).  When your moon shots don’t take off.  Harvard Business Review, 97(1), 112-117.

Kanter, R. M. (2011).  Zoom in, zoom out.  Harvard Business Review, 89(3), 112-116.

Vermeulen, F. & Sivanathan, N. (2017).  Stop doubling down on your failing strategy:  How to spot (and escape) one before it’s too late.  Harvard Business Review, 95(6), 110-117.

Following your review, share a 500-word synopsis of the strategic thinking, decision making, and innovation concepts discussed.

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