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Strategic Hiring for Inmate Education Questions

Strategic Hiring for Inmate Education Questions


  1. th approximately 1500 inmates on any given day, the size of the inmate population will be a primary determinant in calculating the number of instructors required. The goal is to ensure that each inmate has access to personalized instruction and support.
  2. Program Duration: Since the majority of inmates will be released within 3 years, the program’s duration is relatively short. This should be factored into the planning process, as it might affect the allocation of resources and the intensity of instruction provided.
  3. Inmate Age and Education Level: The average age of 19 suggests that many inmates are still at an age where they can benefit from education and skill-building. However, their educational background will vary. Some may have dropped out of high school, while others may have completed some level of education. This diversity should be taken into account when designing the curriculum and selecting instructors.
  4. Release Dates: Knowing the approximate release dates of inmates can help plan the curriculum to ensure that they receive the necessary education before reintegration into society.
  5. Reincarceration Rates: Understanding the likelihood of inmates returning to prison can help determine the long-term impact of the education program. If education reduces recidivism rates, it might justify a larger investment in instructors.
  6. Facility Resources: The available facilities, classrooms, and technology resources will influence the number of instructors that can be effectively accommodated.
  7. Class Size: Smaller class sizes generally lead to more personalized instruction and better outcomes. The optimal class size for effective learning should be considered in the hiring decision.
  8. Instructor Availability and Qualifications: The number of qualified GED instructors available for hire will affect staffing decisions. Instructors should have expertise in adult education, particularly for individuals with diverse learning needs.
  9. Teaching Methodology: The teaching methodology employed can impact the student-to-instructor ratio. If the program utilizes technology-assisted learning or group-based activities, the number of instructors needed might differ.
  10. Program Goals: The goals of the education program play a role in determining the number of instructors. If the goal is to achieve a certain pass rate on GED exams or to enhance specific life skills, the program’s intensity and instructor-student ratio might need to be adjusted accordingly.
  11. Budget: The financial resources available for the program will influence the number of instructors that can be hired. Balancing the desired quality of instruction with budget constraints is crucial.

Regarding inmate eligibility restrictions:

  1. Non-Violent Offenders: Limiting eligibility to non-violent offenders could be considered, especially if the program aims to focus on rehabilitation and reintegration rather than solely punitive measures.
  2. Behavioral Criteria: Inmates who exhibit a willingness to engage in educational activities, follow program rules, and demonstrate positive behavior could be given priority for participation.
  3. Minimum Sentence Length: Inmates with relatively longer sentences might be more likely to complete the education program, so setting a minimum sentence length for eligibility could be considered.
  4. Motivation and Interest: Inmates who express a genuine interest in improving their education and skills should be given priority.

Ultimately, a balanced approach should be taken, considering the unique circumstances of the inmate population, the resources available, the goals of the program, and the potential impact on reducing recidivism rates. Regular assessment and adjustments based on program outcomes will also be important to ensure its ongoing success.




Imagine that a new education program was created to service inmates who do not hold a high school diploma. The inmate population is approximately 1500 on any given day, and only 10 percent are serving life sentences. The majority of inmates will be released within 3 years, and the average age of the inmate population is 19.

Since this is not a mandatory program, how should programmers determine the number of General Education Development (GED) instructors to hire?

What factors should be considered in determining the number of instructors hired to staff the education program? Should there be any restrictions in terms of inmate eligibility?

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