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Speech Tips & Topics.

Speech Tips & Topics.


Question 1: The listening process typically involves two main steps:

  1. Receiving: This is the first step, where the listener takes in the auditory information transmitted by the speaker. It involves hearing the words, sounds, and non-verbal cues such as tone and body language. Receiving is about being physically present and attentive to the speaker.
  2. Interpreting: Once the information is received, the listener processes and interprets it. This step involves understanding the message, deciphering the speaker’s intentions, and making sense of the content. Interpreting also requires active engagement with the material, including critical thinking and evaluation of the information.

Question 2: As a speaker, you can look for several signs to see if you have the audience’s attention:

  • Eye contact: If the audience is making eye contact with you, it’s a positive sign that they are engaged.
  • Nodding or other non-verbal cues: If the audience members are nodding their heads, leaning forward, or reacting positively to your words through gestures, it indicates their attention.
  • Minimal distractions: Fewer people checking their phones, whispering, or appearing disinterested are good indicators.
  • Facial expressions: Smiling or expressions of curiosity can signal attention and interest.

Question 3: The age of the audience can impact how you deliver your speech. For example:

  • Younger audience: You may need to use more contemporary language, pop culture references, and engaging visuals or multimedia to keep their attention. An example could be incorporating memes or current social media trends into your speech.
  • Older audience: You might want to use more formal language and avoid slang or jargon that they might not be familiar with. Also, consider discussing topics that are relevant to their life experiences, such as historical events or traditions.

Question 4: Culture and ethnicity can significantly impact how a speaker delivers a speech. Here are some ways:

  • Language: Depending on the audience’s primary language, you may need to provide translations or use simpler language if they are not fluent in the language of your speech.
  • Cultural norms: Be aware of cultural differences in communication styles, gestures, and taboos. Some gestures or topics may be offensive or misunderstood in certain cultures.
  • Values and beliefs: Consider the values and beliefs of the audience when discussing sensitive topics, such as religion or politics. Respect cultural diversity and avoid making assumptions.

Question 5: The brainstorming process for selecting a speech topic involves the following steps:

  1. Identify your interests: Think about your passions, hobbies, and areas of expertise. What topics do you feel strongly about or have knowledge in?
  2. Consider your audience: Who will be listening to your speech? Tailor your topic to their interests and needs.
  3. Research: Conduct research to gather information and ideas about potential topics. Use books, articles, online sources, and interviews to collect relevant data.
  4. Narrow down options: From your initial list of ideas, narrow down your options based on relevance, audience interest, and the availability of credible sources.
  5. Choose a specific angle: Select a unique perspective or angle on the chosen topic to make your speech more engaging and informative.
  6. Check feasibility: Ensure that you have access to enough information and resources to develop a comprehensive speech on the selected topic.
  7. Finalize your topic: Once you’ve completed these steps, choose your speech topic and begin structuring your speech around it.

Remember that the success of your speech often depends on selecting a topic that both interests you and resonates with your audience.

Speech Tips & Topics.






Question 1

What two steps are part of the listening process? Explain each one

Question 2

As a speaker, describe what you look for to see if you have the audience attention.

Question 3

How does the audience age impact how you deliver your speech? Give an example.

Question 4

Describe how culture and ethnicity can impact the way a speaker deliver your speech.

Question 5

Explain the brainstorming process in selecting a speech topic.

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