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SPCH 1315 Overcoming Public Speaking Anxieties Essay

SPCH 1315 Overcoming Public Speaking Anxieties Essay


Title: My Journey with Public Speaking Anxiety

Public speaking has always been a formidable challenge for me. As an individual who appreciates the power of words and effective communication, my struggle with public speaking anxieties has been a persistent obstacle throughout my life. Despite my understanding of the importance of this skill, I have grappled with varying levels of discomfort and anxiety associated with speaking in front of an audience.

My current level of comfort with public speaking can be described as a work in progress. Over time, I have made significant strides in managing my anxieties, but it remains a journey rather than a destination. Initially, I was plagued by an overwhelming fear of judgment and rejection from my audience. The mere thought of being scrutinized while standing in the spotlight was enough to send my heart racing and palms sweating. This anxiety, combined with a fear of forgetting my content or stumbling over words, often hindered my ability to communicate effectively.

My public speaking anxieties have indeed impacted me negatively and posed challenges in various aspects of my life. It restricted me from fully participating in class discussions, sharing my ideas confidently during group projects, and expressing my opinions in social gatherings. I even turned down opportunities for leadership roles and refused to engage in public-facing activities due to this fear. These missed opportunities left me feeling frustrated and hindered my personal and professional growth.

Over time, I have adopted several strategies to cope with and manage my public speaking anxieties effectively. Exposure therapy, in the form of gradually increasing my public speaking engagements, has been instrumental. I started by practicing in front of a mirror, then with trusted friends and family, and eventually in front of larger groups. This step-by-step approach helped me build confidence incrementally.

Additionally, I found that thorough preparation is crucial in reducing anxiety. Researching my topics thoroughly, creating structured outlines, and rehearsing my speeches multiple times significantly diminished the fear of forgetting my content. Visualization techniques, where I imagine myself succeeding and the audience responding positively, have also been beneficial.

Furthermore, I’ve learned to reframe my perspective on public speaking. Instead of viewing it as a daunting task, I now see it as an opportunity for personal growth and a chance to share valuable knowledge. This shift in mindset has gradually reduced the fear of judgment and rejection.

In conclusion, my journey with public speaking anxiety has been a challenging but rewarding one. While I still experience some level of discomfort, I have become more comfortable and confident with time and practice. Managing public speaking anxieties involves a combination of exposure, preparation, and a positive mindset. While it may always be a part of my life to some extent, it no longer prevents me from accomplishing my goals and has, in fact, become a source of personal development and empowerment.

SPCH 1315 Overcoming Public Speaking Anxieties Essay



discuss in no more than one and a half pages, single spaced document – your own public speaking anxieties.  What is your current level of comfort and experience with public speaking? Is it related? – meaning have you become more comfortable and confident with time and practice?

What specific anxieties do you (or did you) suffer from? Has it ever impacted you negatively or prevented you from accomplishing a goal? How do you cope and manage them? What have you found to work well?

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