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SOCW 6361 WU Social Change Project Questions

SOCW 6361 WU Social Change Project Questions


Title: Social Change Project Final Report

Introduction: This report provides an overview of my Social Change Project, which aimed to address the issue of affordable housing in our community. Through this project, I sought to use my role as a social work professional to advocate for meaningful policy changes that would help alleviate this pressing social problem.

Synopsis of the Social Problem and Policy: The social problem I identified for this project was the lack of affordable housing options in our community. This problem had far-reaching consequences, including increased homelessness, housing instability, and economic disparities. The policy in question was the need for comprehensive housing reform at the local and state levels to ensure that affordable housing options were available for individuals and families at all income levels.

Steps of the Project:

  1. Selection of the Social Problem: My experiences as a social work professional working directly with individuals and families facing housing insecurity greatly informed my choice of this social problem. Witnessing the devastating impact of inadequate housing on vulnerable populations was a driving force behind my commitment to advocate for change.
  2. Knowledge and Prior Experiences: My prior experiences allowed me to understand the complexity of the issue, the barriers to accessing affordable housing, and the shortcomings of existing policies. This knowledge served as the foundation for my policy analyses.
  3. Policy Analysis: I conducted an in-depth analysis of existing housing policies, considering their strengths and weaknesses. This step helped me identify gaps in the current system and potential areas for improvement.
  4. Proposal for Advocacy: Based on my policy analysis, I proposed a multi-faceted advocacy strategy. This strategy involved community engagement, coalition building with like-minded organizations, and direct engagement with policymakers to highlight the urgency of the issue.
  5. Policy Alternative Recommendation: I recommended the development of a comprehensive affordable housing policy that included incentives for developers to build affordable units, rent control measures, and increased funding for housing assistance programs.

Lessons Learned and Opportunities for Growth:

a. Policy Alternative Selection: In hindsight, I would consider refining my policy alternative to align more closely with the political climate and the priorities of elected officials. This could increase the likelihood of policy adoption.

b. Advocacy Strategies: I learned that advocacy requires a diverse set of strategies. In the future, I would diversify my advocacy efforts to include a wider range of tactics such as media campaigns, grassroots organizing, and engagement with diverse stakeholders.

c. Data Collection: I recognized the importance of robust data collection to support my advocacy efforts. In the future, I would invest more time and resources in gathering compelling data to strengthen my arguments.

Policy and Direct Practice:

Policy and direct practice are intrinsically linked in social work. Policies have a direct impact on the individuals and families we serve. In the case of affordable housing, the lack of suitable policies exacerbates the housing crisis and directly affects the well-being of our clients. As social workers, our role extends beyond direct service provision; we must also advocate for policies that create an environment conducive to positive outcomes for our clients.

Application of Advocacy Skills:

As a social worker, I will continue to apply advocacy skills by staying informed about social issues, engaging with community stakeholders, collaborating with advocacy organizations, and participating in policy discussions. I will also leverage my position to empower and amplify the voices of marginalized populations, ensuring that their needs and concerns are heard by decision-makers.


The Social Change Project focused on affordable housing provided valuable insights into the intersection of policy and direct practice. It reinforced the importance of advocacy in social work and highlighted areas for personal and professional growth. Moving forward, I am committed to refining my advocacy skills and working tirelessly to effect meaningful change in the lives of those I serve. Affordable housing remains a pressing issue, and my dedication to this cause remains unwavering.

SOCW 6361 WU Social Change Project Questions





Submit a 2- to 3-page final report of your Social Change Project. The final report should include the following:

  • Provide a brief synopsis of the social problem and policy you identified.
  • Describe the steps of your project:
    • How did your experiences as a social work professional and your own goals for advocacy inform your selection of a social problem?
    • How did your knowledge of, or prior experiences with, the social problem inform your policy analyses?
    • What did you learn through each step, including your selection of a social problem, identification of a policy, proposal for advocacy, and recommendation for a policy alternative?
  • Reflecting on your experience, identify 2–3 opportunities for growth. What would you do differently based on your recent learnings?
    • For example, you might select a different policy alternative that would be better received by elected officials (or other decision makers in a position of power). Or you might use different strategies when speaking in front of a group to advocate for change.
  • Explain how policy relates to direct practice.
  • Describe how you will apply advocacy skills as a social worker.
  • Be sure to incorporate at least five scholarly articles you found using standard APA format.
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