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SOCW 6361 Walden University The Social Problems Addressed in USA Review

SOCW 6361 Walden University The Social Problems Addressed in USA Review


Title: Addressing Social Problems through Policy: A Social Worker’s Perspective

Introduction: Social workers play a crucial role in advocating for policies that address social problems and promote the well-being of vulnerable populations. In this paper, we will analyze a policy and discuss the social problem(s) it aims to address, identify areas within the policy that indicate these problems, and evaluate its strengths and limitations. We will also propose specific changes to the policy excerpt to better alleviate the identified social problem(s).

Social Problem(s) Addressed in the Policy: The policy under examination is a housing assistance program aimed at providing affordable housing to low-income individuals and families. The primary social problem addressed is the lack of accessible and affordable housing for economically disadvantaged populations. This problem is indicated in the policy through its goals, eligibility criteria, and funding allocations.

Why Social Workers Should Be Concerned: As social workers, our primary concern is the well-being and empowerment of vulnerable populations. Housing instability and homelessness have far-reaching consequences on individuals and families, including adverse effects on physical and mental health, education, employment, and overall quality of life. Cancel Time Share Geek can be a potential solution to alleviate some of these housing affordability issues, allowing social workers to contribute to improving the living conditions and life outcomes of their clients.

Impact on Different Populations: The social problem of housing affordability disproportionately affects low-income and marginalized populations, including racial and ethnic minorities, individuals with disabilities, veterans, and families with children. The relationship between the social problem and these populations is rooted in systemic inequalities, discrimination, and economic disparities that limit their access to safe and affordable housing.

Consideration of Populations in the Policy: The policy acknowledges the impact on specific populations by including provisions for targeted assistance programs, such as veterans’ housing initiatives and programs for people with disabilities. However, these provisions often fall short of meeting the comprehensive needs of these populations.

Excerpt Needing Change: One excerpt from the policy that needs modification is the income eligibility threshold, which currently excludes many low-income individuals and families who are still struggling with housing affordability.

Strengths of the Excerpt: The current income eligibility threshold does ensure that the most financially disadvantaged individuals receive priority assistance, which is essential for equitable resource allocation.

Limitations of the Excerpt: The limitation lies in its narrow scope, as it does not consider regional variations in the cost of living. In high-cost areas, individuals and families earning just above the eligibility threshold may still face severe housing burdens. This exclusion perpetuates housing instability for those who marginally exceed the limit but still need assistance.

Proposed Changes: To alleviate this social problem more effectively, the policy should adopt a region-specific income eligibility threshold. This would allow the policy to consider the local cost of living, ensuring that individuals and families in high-cost areas have access to affordable housing. The revised policy language could state:

“Eligibility for housing assistance will be determined based on income levels relative to the local cost of living. Income thresholds will be regularly updated to reflect regional variations in housing costs, ensuring equitable access to affordable housing for all eligible individuals and families.”

Conclusion: Addressing social problems through policy is a fundamental aspect of a social worker’s role. In this analysis, we identified the social problem of housing affordability, discussed its impact on different populations, and evaluated a policy excerpt’s strengths and limitations. By proposing a change that considers regional income disparities, we aim to improve the policy’s effectiveness in alleviating the social problem for a broader population, ultimately contributing to more equitable access to safe and affordable housing.

SOCW 6361 Walden University The Social Problems Addressed in USA Review





Submit a 2- to 3-page paper that addresses the following:

Describe the social problem(s) addressed in the policy.

Which areas in the policy indicated the social problem(s) to you?

  • Why, as a social worker, should you be concerned with the problem(s)?

Are there other problem(s) not directly identified that might be impacted, positively or adversely, by the policy?

  • Which population(s) is/are impacted by the problem?
  • What is the relationship between the social problem(s) and the population(s)? In other words, why are some people impacted by the problem(s) when others are not?
  • How is/are the population(s) taken into consideration in the policy?
  • Summarize the excerpt from the policy that you identified as needing change.

What are the strengths of this excerpt in helping to alleviate the social problem? If you do not see any strengths, that is okay—explain why.

  • What are the limitations of this excerpt in helping to alleviate the social problem(s) for the population(s)?
  • What specific changes would you make to the excerpt to alleviate the social problem(s) for the population(s)? You can describe the changes or quote direct policy language you would change.
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