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SOCW 6002 ACU Social Science Myths About Great Depression Discussion

SOCW 6002 ACU Social Science Myths About Great Depression Discussion


  1. Availability of Birth Control in U.S. Schools and Family Planning Programs: Birth control availability in U.S. schools varies by state and school district. Some schools offer comprehensive sex education programs that include information about contraception and may even provide condoms or referrals to family planning clinics. However, access to birth control can be limited in some areas due to political and religious factors. Family planning programs outside of schools, like Planned Parenthood, play a significant role in providing birth control and sexual health services.
  2. Ethics of Forced Birth Control: Forced birth control is a highly controversial and ethically problematic concept. It violates an individual’s reproductive rights and personal autonomy. In most democratic societies, such practices are considered unethical and a violation of human rights. Instead, the focus should be on promoting voluntary family planning and access to contraceptives, education, and healthcare to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.
  3. Education’s Impact on Childbearing: Education can have a profound impact on a woman’s childbearing decisions. Higher levels of education are often associated with delayed childbearing, as individuals may prioritize their careers and personal development before starting a family. Education also tends to provide individuals with better access to information and resources, including contraception and family planning services, which can influence their family planning choices.
  4. FDR’s New Deal: The debate over the effectiveness of FDR’s New Deal policies in addressing the Great Depression remains a topic of historical discussion. While some economic historians argue that the New Deal prolonged the Depression by not addressing the root causes effectively, others believe it provided essential relief and helped stabilize the economy. Claims that it was designed to create a permanent socialist state controlled by the Democratic Party are highly contentious and often politically motivated. Historical interpretations can be influenced by various factors, including partisan perspectives.
  5. Consumerism, New Technology, and Advertising in the 1920s: The 1920s saw a significant transformation in American culture due to consumerism, new technology, and advertising. Mass production and new technologies, like the automobile and radio, made products more accessible. Advertising played a crucial role in shaping consumer desires and promoting a consumer-driven culture, encouraging people to buy goods they may not have previously considered essential. This era marked the beginning of the consumer-oriented society that continues to influence American culture today.
  6. Providing Young Children with Computers: The debate over providing very young children with computers is ongoing. Proponents argue that early exposure to technology can prepare children for the digital world and enhance their educational experiences. However, opponents express concerns about the potential negative impacts, such as reduced social interaction and screen time-related issues. The key is to strike a balance, ensuring that young children have access to technology for educational purposes while also prioritizing face-to-face social interactions and outdoor activities.
  7. Agents of Socialization and Their Influence: Agents of socialization, including family, school, peer groups, mass media, and gender, play a significant role in shaping an individual’s identity and values. Here are some examples of how each may influence a person:
    • Family: Family influences beliefs, values, and cultural traditions. It can shape one’s moral compass and sense of identity.
    • School: School provides formal education and socialization. It teaches academic knowledge and social skills and can influence career aspirations.
    • Peer Groups: Peer groups can shape social behaviors, interests, and affiliations. They play a crucial role in forming friendships and group identities.
    • Mass Media: Mass media influences perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes through news, entertainment, and advertising. It can shape cultural norms and values.
    • Gender: Gender roles and expectations learned from society can influence how individuals perceive themselves and interact with others.

    It’s important to note that the influence of these agents can vary greatly among individuals and may evolve over time.

SOCW 6002 ACU Social Science Myths About Great Depression Discussion



  • Comment on availability of birth control in U.S. schools, family planning programs in school, the ethics of forced birth control, or how education can affect a woman’s childbearing, etc. 
  • Recent economic historians point to FDR’s New Deal as prolonging the Depression and not solving the problem. Some political historians have gone so far as to claim that the New Deal was designed to create a permanent socialist state controlled by the Democratic Party.True/False or sour grapes from the Republicans who did the same thing during Reconstruction? 
  • Review Andrew Wilson’s article ‘Five Myths About the Great Depression 
  • How did consumerism, new technology and advertising change American culture in the 1920s? 
  • Do you think it is potentially beneficial to provide very young children with computers? Proponents argue that the earlier we start children out using technology, the better for them, as we are living in a technological society. Opponents say it is detrimental because it deprives a child of social interaction in his/her early years. 
  • After defining what an agent of socialization  give specific examples of how each of the  family, school, peer groups, mass media, gender has influenced you to be the person who you are today 
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