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Sociology Paper Essay

Sociology Paper Essay


1. Purpose of College Education:

Attending college serves various purposes, often justified by different perspectives. Two common justifications are:

  • Career Preparation: Many individuals pursue higher education to enhance their career prospects. The idea is that obtaining a degree equips individuals with specialized knowledge and skills, making them more competitive in the job market. This perspective is rooted in the social shift towards a knowledge-based economy. As societies transitioned from agrarian to industrial and now to information economies, the demand for skilled professionals has grown, leading to the belief that a college degree is necessary for economic success.
  • Personal Development and Intellectual Growth: Another justification for attending college is the notion of personal development and intellectual enrichment. College provides an environment where individuals can explore various subjects, engage in critical thinking, and broaden their horizons. This perspective originates from a long-standing tradition of valuing education for its intrinsic benefits. Historically, the elite classes emphasized education not only for economic gain but also for cultivating well-rounded individuals capable of contributing to society’s cultural and intellectual progress.

2. Student Loan Documentary:

“Default: The Student Loan Documentary” likely provided insights into the challenges and consequences of student loan debt. The documentary might have depicted the struggles students and graduates face due to their financial burden. Watching it might evoke empathy and concern for the individuals caught in the cycle of student debt. The emotional response could range from anger and frustration with the existing system to empathy for the students’ challenges.

Whether taking out student loans is a wise financial decision depends on various factors, such as the individual’s chosen field, job prospects, loan terms, and the overall economic landscape. While education can be an invaluable investment, it’s important to consider the potential debt burden and future earning potential. Prudent financial planning and exploring alternative funding options like scholarships, grants, or part-time work can mitigate the long-term impact of student loans.

3. Addressing Student Debt Crisis:

Two actions to address the student debt crisis could be:

  • Increased Financial Literacy Education: Incorporating comprehensive financial literacy education into the school curriculum, starting from high school, can help students better understand the implications of student loans and other financial decisions. This could lead to more informed choices regarding college financing and overall financial well-being.
  • Reform of Loan Repayment Structures: Advocating for reforms that allow flexible and income-based loan repayment plans can alleviate the burden on borrowers. Adjusting repayment schedules based on graduates’ income levels could prevent unmanageable monthly payments, reducing the risk of default and long-term financial distress.

4. Student Loan Debt as Indentured Servitude:

Student loan debt can be likened to modern-day indentured servitude to some extent, due to the comparable element of financial bondage. However, there are key distinctions:

Indentured servitude historically involved individuals trading their labor for a set period to pay off a debt. In the case of student loan debt, while borrowers commit to repaying borrowed funds, they retain personal freedom and the ability to choose their employment. Unlike indentured servants who were often bound to a specific employer, student loan borrowers have more agency in their career choices.

Additionally, indentured servitude typically resulted from dire circumstances, while student loans are often taken out with the intention of investing in one’s future. However, the analogy could hold when considering the entrapment that excessive debt can create, limiting financial mobility and life choices for a considerable period.

In summary, while there are parallels between student loan debt and indentured servitude, the modern context and individual agency differentiate the two

Sociology Paper Essay



This week during lecture we began thinking about the “College For All Philosophy” and Student Loan Debt. Based on the ideas presented in the course readings, the points made during lecture and within the documentary we watched, here are four sets of questions for you to write about:

1. What’s the point of going to college? Critically evaluate two justifications for attending college, and be sure to mention the social origins of these competing explanations. (For example, if college is for “getting a good job,” why do we share this notion in society?)

2. On Wednesday during class, we watched Default: The Student Loan Documentary. What did you think about the documentary? How did watching it make you feel? All things considered, do you believe that taking out student loans to finance a college education is a wise financial decision?

3. Given the phenomena of student loan debt, propose two specific actions that we all could take to remedy the student debt crisis. Why do you believe those specific actions would make a positive difference in alleviating the personal troubles experienced by borrowers and their families?

4. Is student loan debt a form of modern-day indentured servitude? Why or why not?

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