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Sociology Energy sources united nations MDGs Questions

Sociology Energy sources united nations MDGs Questions


Title: Evaluating Lower Priority Global Threats

Introduction: In the ever-evolving landscape of global challenges, prioritizing threats to the environment is a complex task. The recent debates at the UN General Assembly have sparked discussions about the selection of major global issues. This document aims to address the perception and priorities of two global threats that were not included in the previous presentation on Threats to the Global Environment. The threats under scrutiny are “Lack of Educational Opportunities” and “Inappropriate Uses of Technology.” While acknowledging the significance of these issues, we will delineate reasons for considering them as lower in priority compared to the four previously highlighted threats.

Lack of Educational Opportunities:

Perception: The lack of educational opportunities is undoubtedly a pressing concern, depriving individuals of essential skills and hindering socio-economic development. Education is the bedrock of progress, and its absence perpetuates cycles of poverty and underdevelopment.


  1. Immediate Impact vs. Long-term Resilience: While lack of education restricts the potential of individuals and communities, its immediate impact on the global environment is less direct than other threats like climate change or poor health. The urgency of addressing immediate, irreversible crises might necessitate prioritizing more directly linked threats.
  2. Complexity of Addressing: Solving the educational disparity requires multi-faceted approaches involving policy changes, infrastructure development, and cultural shifts. These changes often span generations before their full impact is realized. In contrast, other threats, such as energy sources or inappropriate technology use, can be addressed more promptly through targeted interventions.
  3. Interconnectedness with Other Threats: While education is vital, it is also linked to other threats. Improving education can positively affect health, social attitudes, and even cultural taboos over the long term. By prioritizing threats that have the potential to mitigate multiple challenges simultaneously, the global community can achieve more comprehensive progress.

Conclusion: The lack of educational opportunities, while a crucial issue, involves complex and long-term solutions that might not yield immediate environmental impact. Prioritizing more directly linked threats can catalyze faster, visible changes in the global environment.

Inappropriate Uses of Technology:

Perception: The rapid advancement of technology has led to concerns about its misuse, leading to security breaches, privacy violations, and societal disruptions. The inappropriate uses of technology can exacerbate existing global challenges.


  1. Relative Scope of Impact: While inappropriate technology use can certainly have detrimental effects, its global impact might be localized or sector-specific. In contrast, threats like climate change and poor health affect entire populations and ecosystems on a global scale, with far-reaching consequences.
  2. Mitigation and Regulation: Regulatory mechanisms and international collaborations can effectively curtail inappropriate technology use. Governments, organizations, and international bodies are increasingly focusing on establishing frameworks to address these issues. This proactive approach contrasts with addressing threats like civil wars or cultural taboos, which are often more challenging to regulate.
  3. Technology as a Solution: Technology, if harnessed appropriately, can provide solutions to other major threats. Innovations in renewable energy, healthcare, and disaster management, driven by responsible technological advancements, can directly contribute to mitigating higher-priority threats.

Conclusion: While inappropriate technology use deserves attention, its impact is often less pervasive than other global threats. Moreover, technology, when properly managed, can act as a tool to tackle other pressing challenges, further justifying the prioritization of more far-reaching threats.

Conclusion: In the realm of prioritizing threats to the global environment, nuances arise due to the interplay of multiple factors. While “Lack of Educational Opportunities” and “Inappropriate Uses of Technology” are undeniably important, their relative impact, complexity of solutions, and potential positive role in addressing other issues warrant considering them as lower priorities compared to the four threats highlighted in the previous presentation. As the global community seeks to effect meaningful change, thoughtful prioritization remains an essential aspect of shaping our collective response to these challenges.

Sociology Energy sources united nations MDGs Questions



The  information you provided in your presentation on Threats to the Global  Environment has led to productive debates at the UN General Assembly!  There are now questions about prioritizing the issues at hand. Some of  the countries are challenging your recommendations and questioning your  reasons for not including the issues they believe are priority.

From  the initial eight global threats, there are four remaining threats that  you did not choose in the list of major global issues. Review the list  of topics and reflect on two that you did not use in last week’s  assignment. Defend your reason for considering these topics lower in  priority than the ones in your presentation.

Energy sources                                     Civil war

Globalization                                         Poor health of entire populations

Lack of educational opportunities    Cultural taboos

Inappropriate uses of technology     Climate change

The completed version of this assignment will consist of the following:

Select two threats from the list above that you did not use in your Assignment 3a presentation.

Create a minimum two-page document in which you outline a counterargument for the two threats you selected:

Write an opening statement describing the perception of each threat.

Write  one paragraph for each threat in which you give  three reasons to explain why the threat is less of a priority to the  global environment than the four you selected in Assignment 3a. Support  your reasons with at least three credible sources.

A conclusion statement for each threat.

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