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Society’s Attitudes on Criminal Responsibility.

Society’s Attitudes on Criminal Responsibility.


  1. Attitudes Regarding Society’s Responsibility for Criminals:

Attitudes regarding society’s responsibility for criminals can vary widely and are influenced by various attributes such as political attitude, friends, and personal experiences. Here are some perspectives on this issue:

a. Rehabilitation-Oriented Attitudes: – Liberal/Progressive Political Attitude: People with liberal or progressive leanings often advocate for a more rehabilitative approach to criminals. They believe that society should focus on addressing the root causes of criminal behavior, such as poverty, lack of education, and mental health issues. They argue that rehabilitation can help individuals reintegrate into society as law-abiding citizens. – Social Circle with Empathy: Individuals who have friends or acquaintances who work in the criminal justice system or are involved in social services may be more inclined toward rehabilitation. They might have a better understanding of the challenges faced by offenders and the potential for change.

b. Punishment-Oriented Attitudes: – Conservative Political Attitude: Conservatives tend to emphasize punishment as a means of holding individuals accountable for their actions. They argue that harsh penalties deter crime and protect society. This perspective often aligns with a “tough on crime” stance. – Friends with a Similar Perspective: People who have friends who share a punitive attitude may adopt similar views. Social reinforcement within a group can lead to the reinforcement of these beliefs.

  1. Arguments for Different Attitudes and Reasons for Divergence:

    a. Rehabilitation Arguments:

    • Effectiveness: Proponents argue that rehabilitation is more effective in reducing recidivism rates. When offenders receive education, counseling, and job training, they are more likely to reintegrate successfully into society.
    • Humanitarian Values: Advocates for rehabilitation emphasize the importance of treating criminals with compassion and addressing the underlying causes of criminal behavior.
    • Cost Savings: Rehabilitative programs can be more cost-effective in the long run as they reduce the burden on the criminal justice system and prison infrastructure.

    b. Punishment Arguments:

    • Deterrence: Supporters of punishment argue that harsh penalties send a clear message that crime will not be tolerated, serving as a deterrent to potential offenders.
    • Justice and Accountability: They believe that punishment is a way to hold individuals accountable for their actions and provide a sense of justice to victims and society.
    • Public Safety: A punitive approach is seen as a way to protect the public from dangerous individuals who may pose a threat if released too soon.
  2. Correctness of Attitudes:

    Whether one attitude is more correct or wrong depends on one’s values, societal goals, and the context in which the issue is considered. It’s important to note that the criminal justice system often incorporates elements of both rehabilitation and punishment. Many countries adopt a balanced approach, recognizing that some offenders may benefit from rehabilitation, while others may require more punitive measures. Ultimately, the “correct” approach should be informed by research, evidence, and a commitment to achieving the dual goals of public safety and offender reintegration.

Attitudes on this topic can also evolve over time as societies reevaluate their approaches to criminal justice and incorporate new research findings and insights. It’s essential to engage in informed, open, and constructive dialogues to explore the most effective and just strategies for addressing criminal behavior in any given context.

Society's Attitudes on Criminal Responsibility.

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I’m working on a Sociology exercise and need support.


1.Discuss attitudes regarding society’s responsibility for criminals. Should the persons be rehabilitated or punished? build on different attributes eg. political attitude, friends

2. What arguments do you have for the particular idea you have raised? What reasons are there for attitudes to differ so much from one person to the next? Is a certain attitude more correct or wrong?

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