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Social Work and Healthcare

Social Work and Healthcare


1. Identify the Weakest Link in the White Paper on Healthier SG using Urie Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory:

Urie Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory posits that an individual’s development is influenced by a series of interconnected systems, with the individual at the center. These systems include the microsystem (closest to the individual), mesosystem, exosystem, and macrosystem. To identify the weakest link in the White Paper, we need to evaluate which aspect of the healthcare system or societal context may be inadequately addressed.

One potential weakest link in the White Paper on Healthier SG could be the exosystem, which encompasses external factors that indirectly affect individuals. In the context of healthcare policy, this might refer to the broader socio-political environment and policies that shape healthcare accessibility and quality. While the White Paper aims to improve healthcare, it may not fully address or adequately consider external factors such as economic disparities, political influences, or global health crises (e.g., pandemics).

2. Propose an Intervention to Address the Weakest Link:

To address the weakness identified in the exosystem, an effective intervention could involve fostering collaboration and advocacy among various stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, social service providers, policymakers, and the community. This intervention aligns with the mesosystem, which focuses on interactions between different microsystems.


  • Collaboration and Advocacy: By bringing together stakeholders from various sectors, including healthcare and social services, an intervention can be designed to advocate for policy changes that address the external factors affecting healthcare. For example, stakeholders can work collectively to lobby for policies that reduce healthcare disparities, ensure healthcare affordability, and enhance the resilience of the healthcare system in the face of crises.
  • Community Engagement: The community, as part of the microsystem, plays a crucial role in advocating for their healthcare needs. Community engagement programs, workshops, and public awareness campaigns can empower individuals to voice their concerns and participate in decision-making processes related to healthcare policies.
  • Policy Review and Reform: A mesosystem intervention should focus on reviewing existing policies and proposing reforms that align with the goals of the White Paper. This might involve analyzing how external factors impact healthcare access and quality and developing evidence-based recommendations for policy improvements.

In conclusion, the weakest link in the White Paper on Healthier SG, viewed through the lens of Urie Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory, could be the exosystem, which encompasses external factors influencing healthcare. To address this weakness, a mesosystem intervention that fosters collaboration, advocacy, and policy reform among stakeholders could have the greatest impact in aligning external factors with the goals of the White Paper and improving healthcare outcomes in Singapore.

Social Work and Healthcare



Discussion Assignment:

The Healthcare White Paper in Singapore on Healthier SG was passed in Parliament on 5 Oct 2022. It can be accessed
at https://www.healthiersg.gov.sg/.

Link: https://www.todayonline.com/commentary/commentary-…

The Singapore Healthcare White Paper on Healthier SG is a landmark paper that will have an impact on healthcare for the population in Singapore.

As the White Paper on Healthier SG also includes stakeholders in the social service sector and the community;

it is a paper that both healthcare professionals and social service providers need to familiarize themselves with and consistently review it critically.

The discussion assignment questions will add greater depth to your thoughts on the White Paper on Healthier SG.

This assignment will test your ability to apply the ecological systems theory developed by Urie Bronfenbrenner;

a theory that that social workers are expected to know at their fingertips.

Begin this assignment by reading carefully, the ecological systems theory developed by Urie Bronfenbrenner.

Once you have a good understanding on the theory, attempt the following question(s) for your discussion assignment:

Identify with justification, the weakest link in the White Paper on Healthier SG by applying the Urie Bronfenbrenner ecological systems theory.

Propose with explanation, an intervention in any one of the systems from the Urie Bronfenbrenner ecological systems theory that will have the greatest impact in addressing the weakest link that you have identified in your response to the previous question.

The initiatives highlighted in the White Paper on Healthier SG cannot be accomplished by an individual.

People need to come together in groups to work on them. This assignment will prepare you for the work you need to do as a registered social worker in Singapore.

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