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Social Science Human Beings & Digitigrade Locomotion Questions

Social Science Human Beings & Digitigrade Locomotion Questions


Title: Investigating Race Bias in Education: Utilizing the Implicit Association Test (IAT)


This research proposal aims to investigate the presence of race bias in education using the Implicit Association Test (IAT) as a measure. The IAT is a widely employed psychological tool designed to assess implicit biases and attitudes towards various social categories, including race. In this proposal, we outline the IAT methodology, its application in assessing race bias, and the procedure for conducting the race IAT on a computer screen. We draw inspiration from previous studies and strive to provide a comprehensive and detailed plan for our research endeavor.


The Implicit Association Test (IAT) is a psychometric tool developed to measure implicit biases and attitudes individuals may hold towards different social categories, including race. Implicit biases are subconscious attitudes or stereotypes that people may hold without conscious awareness or control. These biases can affect decision-making processes and have significant implications, particularly in the field of education.


Description of the IAT

The IAT consists of a computer-based assessment that measures the strength of associations between concepts and evaluations. Participants are asked to rapidly categorize stimuli (usually words or images) into different categories. In the context of a race IAT, the primary goal is to assess the implicit associations individuals may have between racial groups and positive or negative evaluations.

Procedure of the Race IAT

  1. Informed Consent: Participants are provided with information about the study, its purpose, and the tasks involved. They are asked to provide informed consent to participate.
  2. Demographic Information: Participants are asked to provide demographic information, including age, gender, and educational background. This information will help in analyzing potential demographic influences on implicit biases.
  3. Preparation and Instructions: Participants are introduced to the IAT and its purpose. They are informed that they will be categorizing words and images related to race into different categories as quickly as possible.
  4. Practice Trials: To familiarize participants with the task, a series of practice trials are conducted. These trials do not include race-related stimuli and are meant to ensure participants understand the categorization process.
  5. IAT Task: The main IAT task begins, consisting of several blocks. Each block presents a combination of two categories (e.g., Black/White, Good/Bad). Participants are instructed to categorize stimuli into the appropriate categories by pressing specific keys as quickly and accurately as possible.
  6. Block Order: The order of blocks is counterbalanced across participants to control for order effects. Half of the participants start with a block that associates Black with “Good” and White with “Bad,” while the other half begins with the opposite association.
  7. Data Collection: The IAT records response times and accuracy for each categorization. It measures the strength of participants’ implicit associations between race and positive/negative evaluations based on their response patterns.
  8. Debriefing: After completing the IAT, participants are debriefed, and the purpose of the study is explained in more detail. Any questions or concerns from participants are addressed.

Data Analysis

The data collected from the IAT will be analyzed using statistical software. Response times and accuracy will be used to calculate participants’ implicit biases. We will explore potential correlations between implicit biases and educational outcomes, examining whether race bias affects educational experiences and performance.


The proposed research will employ the IAT to investigate race bias in education. By following a well-defined procedure inspired by previous studies, we aim to uncover implicit biases that may impact the educational process. This research has the potential to shed light on the role of implicit bias in education and guide the development of interventions to mitigate its effects.

Please note that the figures and detailed statistical analysis are typically presented in the full research paper, which would follow this proposal. The provided information serves as an overview and should be expanded upon in the final research document. Additionally, remember to obtain the necessary ethical approvals and ensure participant confidentiality throughout the study.

Social Science Human Beings & Digitigrade Locomotion Questions



Hi! I am writing a research proposal on race bias in education using the Implicit Association Test (IAT) as a measure. I would like a good quality writing the methods, describing what the IAT is and describing the procedure of the race IAT in specific. We will use the race IAT in a computer screen. I would recommend looking into specific papers that used IAT and try to emulate them into 2 pages that are paraphrased and include description, procedure, and some figures of the race IAT in a computer screen.

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