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Social Science Girl Monologue by Kincaid Discussion

Social Science Girl Monologue by Kincaid Discussion


To address this discussion prompt effectively, you’ll want to select three quotes from Sherry Ortner’s essay “Is Woman to Man as Nature is to Culture” and then connect them with Jamaica Kincaid’s short story “Girl.” Discuss how these quotes and the ideas presented in both readings inform your understanding of gender, self, and “other,” and how they relate to contemporary perspectives on gender. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you structure your response:

  1. Select Three Quotes: Choose three quotes from Sherry Ortner’s essay that you find particularly relevant or thought-provoking. These quotes should touch on key concepts related to gender, nature, culture, and the social construction of gender roles.
  2. Discuss Ortner’s Ideas: For each of the three quotes, briefly explain the context in which it was written and what Ortner is trying to convey. Discuss how Ortner’s ideas contribute to your understanding of the relationship between gender and culture, and how they may challenge or reinforce your pre-existing assumptions about gender roles.
  3. Integrate Kincaid’s “Girl”: Now, connect the quotes from Ortner’s essay with Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl.” How do Kincaid’s narrative and characters exemplify or diverge from Ortner’s ideas about gender and culture? Analyze the text to illustrate how Kincaid’s work reflects or critiques the concepts discussed by Ortner.
  4. Reflect on Assumptions and Perceptions: Share your personal reflections on how these readings have influenced your assumptions and perceptions of gender, self, and “other.” Have your views evolved or been challenged by the material? Explain any shifts in your thinking or any aspects of the readings that stood out to you.
  5. Contemporary Relevance: Consider the time when both Ortner’s essay and Kincaid’s “Girl” were written and compare it to the present day. How do these writings illuminate our understanding of gender today? Are there parallels or differences in how society views and constructs gender roles now compared to when these texts were written?
  6. Learning Gender Today: Discuss what it means “to learn” gender in today’s context. How do contemporary discussions, movements, and cultural shifts inform the way we understand and navigate gender roles and identities? Are there any notable changes or continuities in how gender is learned and constructed?
  7. Draw Relationships and Insights: Use key concepts from Ortner’s essay and Kincaid’s “Girl” to draw relationships and insights into the broader topic of gender. Consider the implications of these readings for contemporary gender studies and societal discussions on gender equality, identity, and roles.

By following these steps, you should be able to construct a comprehensive response to the discussion prompt that incorporates key quotes, analyzes the readings, and provides thoughtful reflections on the evolving understanding of gender in today’s society.

Social Science Girl Monologue by Kincaid Discussion

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Prompt: Choose at least 3 quotes from the readings –  Ortner’s 1. “Is Woman to Male as Nature is to Culture” and reflect on Kincaid’s 2. “Girl” in conjunction. Post to the discussion section about your observations and reactions. What did the readings reveal about your assumptions and perceptions of gender, self, and “other”? Use key concepts in these readings to draw relationships and insights. Considering the time when these were both written, what is it like today “to learn” gender? Put another way, how do these writings illuminate our thinking and observations about gender today?

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