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Social Construction Discussion

Social Construction Discussion


In my family of origin, the roles of men and women were somewhat traditional in certain aspects, but also evolving in others. While my parents did share household responsibilities like cooking and cleaning, there was an underlying expectation that certain tasks were more aligned with gender roles. For instance, my mother primarily took charge of cooking, while my father handled outdoor tasks like mowing the lawn and doing repairs. These experiences have influenced me by highlighting the importance of shared responsibilities in a partnership while also encouraging me to challenge and redefine gender roles. In my future marriage, I intend to ensure that both partners contribute equally to household chores and decision-making, fostering a more balanced and equitable relationship.

Power and decision-making dynamics within my family often revolved around open discussions and democratic processes. Major decisions were made collaboratively, with each family member having a say. This upbringing has shaped my perspective on communication and collaboration within a marriage. I believe in the value of mutual respect and considering both partners’ opinions when making important life choices. This foundation will likely guide my approach to decision-making within my future family.

Regarding life goals, my family emphasized the pursuit of education and personal growth. The importance of continuous learning, setting ambitious goals, and supporting each other’s aspirations was deeply ingrained. These experiences have driven me to value self-improvement and encourage my partner’s ambitions as well. In my future marriage, I envision a relationship where both partners inspire and support one another’s growth, sharing a common vision while also respecting individual aspirations.

As for caring for aging family members, in my family, the responsibility was generally shared among siblings. It was a collective effort, with each family member contributing in their own way. This experience has taught me the significance of familial support during challenging times. In my future marriage, I hope to maintain an open dialogue with my partner about our responsibilities towards aging family members, considering factors like our individual capacities and the best ways to provide care and support.

In conclusion, my family-of-origin experiences have profoundly shaped my beliefs and values in terms of gender roles, decision-making, life goals, and caregiving. While these experiences have influenced my perspective, they also serve as a foundation for evolving these beliefs in my future marriage. I aspire to create a partnership built on equality, open communication, mutual support, and shared responsibility.

Social Construction Discussion



The Prompt:

Respond to the following discussion questions.

What are some important family-of-origin experiences you have had, and how they influenced you or how may they influence you after marriage: for example, roles of men and women(who cooks?mows? these are just examples), power and decision making, and life goals?

Who in your family is responsible for caring for aging family members? Please feel free to share as much of your experience as you feel comfortable.


Quality primary input should be complete, thoughtful, and well-developed responses that are substantive and may contain specific text references. It must be detailed; at least two paragraphs (5-7 sentences each). If there is more than one part to a question, you must answer all parts of the question.
***Plagiairsm will not be accepted. Write in your own words.

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