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SNHU Program Planning Tool Project

SNHU Program Planning Tool Project


  1. User Interface
    • Display a menu with the following options:
      • Load Data Structure
      • Print Course List
      • Print Course
      • Exit
    • Prompt the user to select an option.
  2. Load Data Structure
    • When the user selects the “Load Data Structure” option, prompt the user to enter the file name that contains the course data.
    • Read the data from the file and create course objects.
    • Store these course objects in your chosen data structure (e.g., a vector or a map).
  3. Print Course List
    • When the user selects the “Print Course List” option, sort the courses in the data structure alphanumerically by course name.
    • Print the sorted list of courses to the display.
  4. Print Course
    • When the user selects the “Print Course” option, prompt the user to enter the course number they want to look up.
    • Search for the course in your data structure by course number.
    • If found, print the course title and prerequisites.
    • If not found, display an error message indicating that the course was not found.
  5. Exit
    • When the user selects the “Exit” option, terminate the program.
  6. Error Handling
    • Implement error handling for invalid user inputs, such as selecting an invalid menu option or entering an incorrect file name.
    • Display appropriate error messages for these cases.

Here’s a sample C++ program outline to get you started. You’ll need to fill in the details and adapt it to your specific data structure and file format:

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <vector> // Include the appropriate header for your chosen data structure

using namespace std;

struct Course {
string courseNumber;
string courseTitle;
vector<string> prerequisites; // You may need to adapt this data structure

// Function to load data from a file into the data structure
void loadDataStructure(vector<Course>& courses, const string& filename) {
// Implement code to read data from the file and populate the 'courses' vector/map

// Function to print the list of courses
void printCourseList(const vector<Course>& courses) {
// Implement code to sort and print the courses

// Function to print course information
void printCourseInfo(const vector<Course>& courses, const string& courseNumber) {
// Implement code to search for the course and print its information

int main() {
vector<Course> courses; // Your chosen data structure

int choice;
string filename;

while (true) {
cout << "Menu:\n";
cout << "1. Load Data Structure\n";
cout << "2. Print Course List\n";
cout << "3. Print Course\n";
cout << "4. Exit\n";
cout << "Enter your choice: ";
cin >> choice;

switch (choice) {
case 1:
cout << "Enter the file name: ";
cin >> filename;
loadDataStructure(courses, filename);
case 2:
case 3:
string courseNumber;
cout << "Enter the course number: ";
cin >> courseNumber;
printCourseInfo(courses, courseNumber);
case 4:
cout << "Exiting program.\n";
return 0;
cout << "Invalid choice. Please try again.\n";

return 0;

Please note that this is a basic outline, and you’ll need to adapt it to your specific requirements and data structures. Additionally, you’ll need to implement file reading and data parsing based on the format of your course data file.

SNHU Program Planning Tool Project






In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:

Develop code using algorithms and data structures to solve basic programming problems


  • The academic advisors in the Computer Science department at ABCU are very happy with the planning and design you have completed for the advising assistance software. They have decided they would like you to move forward with writing the code for the application so the department advisors can start using this to help when they talk with students.


All of your coding will be completed in the integrated development environment (IDE). Additional references on the use of this IDE are linked in the Supporting Materials section. As you begin coding, you will be using the data structure that you recommended in Project One to complete the following.

Input: Design code to correctly read the course data file. The program you will submit will be a command-line program written in C++. You will prompt the user to ask for the file name that contains the course data and read that file into course objects that are stored in your chosen data structure. Your data structure will hold course objects.

Menu: Design code to create a menu that prompts a user for menu options. The menu should include the following options:

Load Data Structure: Load the file data into the data structure. Note that before you can print the course information or the sorted list of courses, you must load the data into the data structure.

  1. Print Course List: This will print an alphanumeric list of all the courses in the Computer Science department.
  2. Print Course: This will print the course title and the prerequisites for any individual course.

Exit: This will exit you out of the program.

  1. Loading Data Structure: Develop working code to load data from the file into the data structure.
  2. Course List: Develop working code to sort and print out a list of the courses in the Computer Science program in alphanumeric order(including all math courses). To print out a course list, use the pseudocode you created previously to guide your work. Then, create code that will allow advisers to print a course list in alphanumeric order. Remember that this code should do the following:
  3. Sort the course information alphanumerically from lowest to highest.
  4. Print the sorted list to a display.
  5. Course Information: Develop working code to print course information. This code should allow users to look up a course and print out information about its title and prerequisites. Your program will need to prompt the user to enter the courseNumber. You will then print out the name of the course along with the prerequisite courseNumbers and titles. See Project Two Sample Program Output in the Supporting Documents section.
  6. Industry Standard Best Practices: Apply industry standard best practices in code design. Your program should display an error message when user input does not fall within parameters. You should also use in-line comments and appropriate naming conventions to enhance readability and maintainability.
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