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SNHU Current Generations Ethics in Social Sciences Questions

SNHU Current Generations Ethics in Social Sciences Questions


Proposal 1: Racial Predisposition Ethical Concerns:

  1. Potential for Harm: This proposal raises significant ethical concerns as it seems to suggest a deterministic and harmful relationship between race and violent criminal activity. It could perpetuate racial stereotypes and stigmatize certain racial groups.
  2. Lack of Informed Consent: If the study involves human subjects, obtaining informed consent becomes crucial. However, the proposal does not mention how participants’ consent will be obtained or if they will be aware of the potentially harmful implications of the research.

Proposal 2: Electroshock Therapy Ethical Concerns:

  1. Human Subject Welfare: Administering electrical shocks to human subjects, particularly preteens and adolescents, as a disciplinary measure raises serious ethical concerns about the welfare and safety of participants. It risks causing physical and psychological harm.
  2. Informed Consent: The proposal lacks information on how informed consent will be obtained, especially considering the potential risks involved in the study. It is crucial to protect the rights and autonomy of participants, especially vulnerable populations like children.

Proposal 3: Health Problems, Diet, and Socioeconomic Status Ethical Concerns:

  1. Potential Stigmatization: While the research question is important, there is a risk that this study could stigmatize individuals of lower socioeconomic status by associating them with health problems. The results should be presented in a way that avoids reinforcing stereotypes or unfairly blaming certain groups.
  2. Informed Consent: The proposal does not provide details about the informed consent process. It is important to ensure that participants understand the purpose of the research, the potential risks, and how their data will be used. Consent should be obtained voluntarily and without coercion.
  3. Privacy and Confidentiality: Given that sensitive health and socioeconomic data will be collected, the proposal should address how the privacy and confidentiality of participants will be maintained to protect their identities and sensitive information.

In summary, all three proposals have ethical concerns that need to be addressed. Proposal 1 raises issues related to potential harm and informed consent, Proposal 2 has serious ethical concerns regarding the welfare of human subjects and informed consent, and Proposal 3 needs to consider potential stigmatization, informed consent, and privacy and confidentiality issues. Ethical guidelines and principles should be followed rigorously to ensure the well-being and rights of participants in social science research.

SNHU Current Generations Ethics in Social Sciences Questions



Finally, respond to the following short answer prompt: Imagine you are a lead social science researcher and are responsible for approving students’ proposed research studies. Review the three sample proposals below and provide brief feedback to summarize any ethical concerns you have related to each of the proposals, based on what you know about ethical codes and expectations in the social sciences.

  1. Proposal 1: Racial Predisposition – The aim of this study is to examine the direct link between race and violent criminal activity. In this study, I plan to prove the direct and positive correlation between race and incidence of committing violent crimes. This will then prove that race is the strongest indicator of tendency toward violent crimes.
  1. Proposal 2: Electroshock Therapy – In this study, I will examine the effect of electroshock therapy on undesirable behavior in human subjects. This study will administer electrical shocks to human subjects as a disciplinary measure when undesirable behavior is observed. The goal of the study is to determine whether the electroshock therapy is a suitable treatment for resolving disciplinary issues in preteens and adolescents. If this therapy is found to be effective, it will be prescribed to resolve disciplinary issues in preteens and adolescents.
  1. Proposal 3: Health Problems, Diet, and Socioeconomic Status – This study aims to examine the relationship between health problems (diabetes, heart disease, and obesity), diet, and socioeconomic status. It is proposed that people of lower socioeconomic status are more likely to encounter these problems. Research will be conducted on human subjects where data are collected on diet (the types of food consumed along with money spent on food), and this will be related to the overall health of individuals in the study. The results and findings of this research will be published publicly so others can see the risks of consuming cheap, low-quality food.
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