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SCSU Economics and Politics Intersect in Global Politics Discussion

SCSU Economics and Politics Intersect in Global Politics Discussion


1. Economic Nationalism vs. Economic Internationalism and the Bretton Woods Institutions:

  • Economic nationalism emphasizes prioritizing domestic interests and protecting local industries through measures like tariffs and trade barriers.
  • Economic internationalism advocates for open global trade, cooperation, and integration to enhance economic growth.
  • The Bretton Woods Conference in 1944 led to the creation of institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank to regulate the global economy.
  • The IMF provides financial stability and helps countries facing balance of payments problems, while the World Bank provides loans for development projects.
  • These institutions have influenced economic policies and development strategies worldwide.
  • Examples: The trade tensions between the US and China reflect economic nationalism, while regional trade agreements like the European Union demonstrate economic internationalism.

2. Human Rights in World Politics:

  • The international community has sought to define human rights through agreements like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).
  • There is an ongoing debate about whether human rights are universal or culturally relative.
  • The rights of women and girls provide an example of how human rights are crucial in addressing gender-based discrimination and violence.
  • Violations of these rights highlight the importance of international cooperation and advocacy.
  • Examples: Global efforts to combat child marriage and promote gender equality reflect the significance of human rights.

3. Dependency, Imperialism, and Colonialism in the Global Economy:

  • Dependency theory suggests that global economic inequality is exacerbated by the exploitation of less developed countries by more developed ones.
  • Imperialism and colonialism historically contributed to the extraction of resources from the Global South, perpetuating poverty.
  • Examples like the exploitation of African resources during colonial times demonstrate this dynamic.
  • Modern-day issues like unequal trade terms and debt burdens continue to impact the Global South’s development.

4. International Environmental Issues in the 21st Century and US Approach to Climate Change:

  • Environmental issues in the 21st century include climate change, biodiversity loss, and resource depletion.
  • Climate change is a pressing concern with far-reaching global consequences.
  • The US should approach climate change by rejoining international agreements like the Paris Agreement, investing in clean energy, and collaborating with other nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Multilateral efforts are crucial for addressing such global challenges.

5. Analysis of a Current Global News Issue:

  • Unfortunately, I don’t have access to real-time news updates as my knowledge is up to September 2021. To analyze a current issue, you should provide the news source, date, and title of the news article.

Remember, for each topic, you can delve deeper into specific examples, historical context, and relevant theories to provide a comprehensive analysis. Your arguments should be well-supported and logically structured.

SCSU Economics and Politics Intersect in Global Politics Discussion



1. Compare and contrast economic nationalism and economic internationalism. How do they shape international political economy. Likewise, describe the institutions created out of the Bretton Woods Conference. How have they influenced the international economy? Use examples from the global news, Shiraev, and Boyer.

2. To many, the most important questions, and issues, in world politics today, concern human rights. How has the international community sought to define human rights? Are these rights universal or are they relative based on culture and level of development? In your essay, use the case of the rights of women and girls to explain why human rights are important in world politics.

3. Describe the role of dependency in the global economy. What role has imperialism and colonialism played in persistent poverty in the global south? Use examples to explain your analysis.

4. Define and explain international environmental issues in the 21st century. Based on your understanding of environmental issues and international relations, how should the US approach climate change?

5. Select one current issue from a global news source to analyze (less than one month old). Describe its key elements, explain why and how it is significant and then make any predictions you can based on your description and explanation of the issue. (Include the news source, date and title of the news source).

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