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SCS 100 SNHU Social Science Exploration Discussion

SCS 100 SNHU Social Science Exploration Discussion


Paragraph 1: Psychologists exploring questions about marriage can help individuals understand the emotional and psychological aspects of their relationships. Understanding why people experience “cold feet” can provide insights into common anxieties and how to manage them. This knowledge can be applied in everyday life by helping couples communicate and address their pre-wedding jitters. Sociologists can use geographic and social class data to inform policies and support systems for families. Anthropologists can shed light on the cultural and religious dimensions of marriage, fostering tolerance and acceptance of mixed-race or interfaith unions, which can lead to a more inclusive society.

Paragraph 2: Psychologists’ questions about love can assist couples in better understanding their motivations for marriage and their emotional connections. This self-awareness can lead to healthier, more fulfilling relationships. Sociologists can explore how societal factors like age and family expectations influence marriage decisions, helping individuals navigate familial pressures and societal norms. Anthropologists’ inquiries into traditional practices can provide a historical context for marriage, fostering an appreciation of cultural diversity and heritage, and helping individuals make informed choices about their unions that honor their traditions.

In both paragraphs, social science exploration can be applied in everyday life by enhancing individuals’ self-awareness, improving communication in relationships, and promoting understanding of societal and cultural influences on marriage decisions. This knowledge can lead to more informed choices, better relationships, and a more inclusive and accepting society.

SCS 100 SNHU Social Science Exploration Discussion



I need 3-5 sentences reply on each paragraph below. In your replies, highlight one or more of the questions they posed and reflect on the following: How might social science exploration of these questions be applied in everyday life?

paragraph 1:

The topic I chose to ask questions about is marriage. A psychologist might ask the following: why do people experience “cold feet” before their wedding day? what makes people fall in love and decide to marry? A sociologist might ask: How does geography play a part in marriage? How does your social class play a part in the decision to marry and start a family? An anthropologist might ask; How do different cultures feel about mixed race marriage? How do different religions play a part in marriage and family?

Paragraph 2:

I am hosing to do the topic of love.The psychologist questions would be What were you feeling when you decided to get married? why did you get married. Are you marring for money or love? psychologist ask questions of the personality. what makes you you. why do you choose the things you do? The sociologist on the other hand would ask questions like is your age a factor in you getting married. Do you feel obligated to by your family? They want to know how different groups affect the individual thinking. Now lastly but not least the anthropologist, The ask questions to understand the past and present of human. Such as was this a prearranged marriage due to family traditions. Does this marriage ensure that you family is with food all year? Does this marriage ensure your future is set?

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