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San Diego City College Programming Worksheet

San Diego City College Programming Worksheet


To complete this assignment on experimental design and AB testing, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1. Research Question and Hypothesis:

  • Clearly state your research question. For example, “Does sharing the survey over Twitter or Instagram lead to more responses?”
  • Formulate a hypothesis that predicts the answer to your research question. For instance, “I hypothesize that sharing the survey on Instagram will lead to more responses than sharing it on Twitter because Instagram has a larger user base of our target audience.”

2. Independent, Dependent, and Control Variables:

  • Independent Variable: This is the variable you manipulate in your experiment. In this case, it’s the platform used for sharing the survey (Twitter or Instagram).
  • Dependent Variable: This is the outcome you’re measuring. It should be specific and quantitative, such as “the number of people who complete the survey.”
  • Control Variables: Identify factors that you need to keep constant to ensure a fair comparison between the two conditions. For example, you might control for the time of day when the survey is shared, the wording of the survey invitation, and the demographics of the target audience.

3. Study Design:

  • Describe the overall design of your study. In this case, it’s an AB test, which is a type of experimental design where you compare two conditions (A and B).
  • Explain why you chose an AB test for your research question.

4. Materials:

  • Detail what materials you will use in your experiment for each condition (A and B). This can include the text or images you’ll use to share the survey.
  • Ensure that these materials align with your control variables to maintain consistency between conditions.

5. Procedure:

  • Describe how you will conduct the experiment. Explain how you will randomly assign participants (if applicable) or share the survey on each platform.
  • Ensure that your procedure accounts for control variables.

6. Dependent Variable Collection:

  • Explain how you will collect data for the dependent variable (e.g., the number of survey completions). Will you use a survey tool that tracks responses automatically, or will you manually count responses?

7. Optional: Run the AB Test:

  • If possible, run the AB test by sharing the survey with at least 10 people on each platform.
  • Share the outcomes of the test, including the data collected for the dependent variable.
  • Analyze whether the results align with your hypothesis and discuss any surprises or unexpected findings.

Organize all this information into a single PDF document as per your assignment instructions. Ensure that your responses are clear, concise, and well-structured. Additionally, if you are conducting the optional AB test, make sure to present the results in a visually appealing and informative manner, such as through graphs or tables, and include any statistical analysis if applicable.

San Diego City College Programming Worksheet





(Experimental Design and AB Testing)


In this assignment, we will look into how to design a study that will help you to answer a research question. For this assignment, you will focus on designing a simple AB test for getting respondents to respond to your survey that you designed for the last assignment. For all of the tasks below, you will include your results in a single pdf document.

Optional readings

Here is a list of optional readings if you would like to do more on this topic:
? Universal Methods of Design : 100 Ways to Explore Complex Problems, Develop

Innovative Strategies, and Deliver Effective Design So by Bruce Hanington , and Bella Martin (ebook through the library)

Grading breakdown

You will be graded on the completeness and correctness of each part of the assignment. When you finish the assignment, you will turn in a document that includes the following information.

?  2 pts – Description of the research question and hypothesis

?  6 pts – Description of the independent, dependent, and control variables. You will not get   full credit if you do not correctly identify your independent and dependent variables or if   you miss key control variables that will impact your ability to compare your conditions.

?  1 pt – Description of the study design

?  4 pts – Description and inclusion of the materials that align with the study design and   account for the different variables

?  4 pts – Description of the procedure and how the outcome will be collected and   measured.

?  1 pt – Extra credit – Run the AB test and share the results!   Tasks

  • What is your research question? In other words, for your AB test, what are you interested in comparing? (E.g., Does sharing the survey over twitter or instagram lead to more answers?)

What is your hypothesis? Your hypothesis is what you think the answer to your research question will be. Explain why you think this, ideally backing it with evidence.

  • Based on your research question, what are your independent, dependent, and control variables? Make sure that what you list is concrete. The dependent variable cannot be “survey results” but it could be “number of people to complete the survey”. For the control variable, mention what factors you will make sure that you keep the same between your conditions so they do not bias the results.

For your study, are you going to use a within or between subject design and why? Have you considered all of the design factors you might need for your chosen design?

  • Now that you have designed your study, you can make your materials and procedure! For each condition that you want to test, what will it look like? This can be including the text that you will send out or an image of what it will look like. Basically, you need to describe each condition and explain how you are aligning with your control variables. Second, how will you share the two different conditions? Again, how will you take into account your control variables?

Description of how the dependent variable will be collected.

  • (Optional) Run your AB test. If your design requires you to manually share the survey,   you will need to send it to at least 10 people in each condition. Share what the outcome is! Did it align with your hypothesis? Were you surprised?
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