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Sampling Designs and Data Collection

Sampling Designs and Data Collection


  1. Control Experiment (Experimental Research Design):
    • Purpose: Control experiments are used to establish cause-and-effect relationships between variables. Researchers manipulate one or more independent variables to observe their impact on a dependent variable while controlling other variables.
    • Method: Random assignment of participants to groups (experimental and control groups) is used to ensure that the groups are comparable. The experimental group receives the treatment (independent variable), while the control group does not, serving as a baseline for comparison.
    • Example: A pharmaceutical company testing a new drug might conduct a control experiment by randomly assigning participants into two groups: one group receives the new drug, and the other receives a placebo (control). By comparing the outcomes, they can determine if the drug has a significant effect.
  2. Sampling Design (Descriptive Research Design):
    • Purpose: Sampling designs are used in descriptive research to gather information about a population or group without necessarily establishing cause-and-effect relationships. The aim is to make inferences about the entire population based on a representative sample.
    • Method: Researchers select a subset (sample) of the population through various sampling methods (e.g., random sampling, stratified sampling) to ensure it reflects the characteristics of the larger population.
    • Example: A political pollster wants to predict the outcome of an election. They survey a randomly selected sample of voters to gauge their preferences. The results from the sample can then be generalized to make predictions about the entire voting population.
  3. Exploratory Research Design:
    • Purpose: Exploratory research aims to gain a deeper understanding of a subject, identify new research questions, or generate hypotheses. It’s often used when there is limited prior knowledge about a topic.
    • Method: Exploratory research doesn’t rely on control experiments or specific sampling designs. Instead, it may involve techniques like literature reviews, interviews, focus groups, surveys, or observational studies to gather preliminary information.
    • Example: A marketing team is exploring potential product ideas and conducts a series of open-ended interviews with potential customers to understand their needs and preferences. The goal is to generate insights that will inform future research and product development.

In summary, control experiments are used in experimental research to establish cause-and-effect relationships by manipulating variables and controlling for confounding factors, while sampling designs are used in descriptive research to collect data from a representative subset of a population. Exploratory research, on the other hand, uses a variety of methods to gain initial insights and generate research questions without necessarily relying on control experiments or structured sampling designs.

Sampling Designs and Data Collection

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Experimental Research Designs and Descriptive Research Designs use Control Experiments and Sampling Designs respectively when collecting data. Exploratory Research Design on the other hand uses neither. With examples, give clear distinction between control experiment and sampling design.

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