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Salisbury University Team review Discusion social work

Salisbury University Team review Discusion social work


Title: Learning from Collaborative Strategy Review

In our journey as a team of aspiring social workers, the process of crafting a strategy and receiving feedback from another team has been an invaluable learning experience. Through this exercise, we have gained insights that extend far beyond the realm of our immediate project. As we reflect on our journey and look towards our future careers, we recognize the profound relevance of these skills in our roles as social workers.

First and foremost, the collaborative effort of writing up a strategy has taught us the power of effective communication and teamwork. As social workers, we will often find ourselves in situations where we need to work closely with colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders. Our ability to convey our ideas clearly, listen actively, and incorporate constructive feedback will be crucial in fostering strong relationships and achieving common goals. This experience has shown us that collaboration isn’t just about producing a document, but about understanding diverse perspectives and finding common ground to achieve meaningful outcomes.

The process of having our strategy reviewed by another team has underscored the importance of objectivity and external input. Social work often involves making decisions that impact the lives of vulnerable individuals and communities. By learning to accept and incorporate feedback, we can ensure that our interventions are well-rounded, ethical, and considerate of various viewpoints. This exercise has honed our ability to separate personal attachment from our work, an essential skill in the emotionally demanding field of social work.

Moreover, this experience has highlighted the value of adaptability and flexibility. Our initial strategy was met with suggestions that prompted us to revisit certain aspects and rethink our approach. Social workers often encounter situations that require them to adapt their strategies to evolving circumstances. This exercise has taught us not to be rigid in our thinking but rather to embrace change and be open to new ideas—a quality that will serve us well as we navigate the dynamic landscape of social work.

In our future lives as social workers, the skills gained through this collaborative process will be indispensable. We will be responsible for designing and implementing strategies to address complex social issues, and our ability to effectively communicate, collaborate, accept feedback, and adapt will directly impact the efficacy of our interventions. Just as we reviewed and refined our strategies as a team, we will continuously reflect on and refine our approaches as social workers, seeking continuous improvement and better outcomes for those we serve.

In conclusion, our experience of crafting and reviewing a strategy has been a transformative learning journey. The skills we’ve cultivated through this process—communication, collaboration, objectivity, adaptability—will undoubtedly shape our success as social workers. As we embark on our professional paths, we carry with us not only a well-thought-out strategy but also the wisdom of collaborative learning, and the commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Salisbury University Team review Discusion social work



In the final reflection post (individual member reflections), be sure to discuss the following points: (Due Thursday July 6, 2023)

  • In reviewing the second team’s decision, the team should reflect on what they learned through the process of writing up a strategy and having it reviewed by another team.
  • How would they use this skill in their future lives as social workers?
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