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Reflection on Blog Post.

Reflection on Blog Post.


  1. Summary of the Blog Topic: Begin your reflection by summarizing the blog post’s topic. Describe the main theme or argument presented by the author. This will help your reader understand the context of your reflection.
  2. Connection to Lecture Materials: Discuss how the information in the blog post aligns or differs from what you have learned in your sociology class. Identify concepts, theories, or topics from your class relevant to the blog post. Explain whether the blog post supports or challenges the sociological perspectives discussed in your lectures.
  3. Theoretical Perspective of the Author: Determine the major theoretical perspective the author of the blog post is writing from. Is it Structural Functionalism, Conflict Theory, Symbolic Interactionism, or another perspective? Explain why you think this is the case.
  4. Alternative Theoretical Perspectives: Consider how the topic might be approached from a different theoretical perspective. For example, if the author is writing from a Conflict Theory perspective, explain how a Symbolic Interactionist might view the same issue differently. This demonstrates your understanding of various sociological theories.
  5. Application to Your Own Experiences: Use your sociological imagination to connect the ideas from the blog post to your life experiences. Discuss whether you have encountered similar social patterns or issues daily. Share personal anecdotes or examples to illustrate these connections.
  6. Agreement or Disagreement: Express your opinion on the ideas presented in the blog post. Do you agree or disagree with the author’s perspective or proposed solutions? Provide reasons for your stance, drawing on your sociological knowledge.
  7. Alternative Viewpoints: Consider whether there are alternative viewpoints or experiences the author did not address in the blog post. Are there aspects of the issue that are important but were overlooked? Discuss why these factors are relevant.
  8. Proposed Solutions for Change: Offer potential solutions or recommendations for addressing the social pattern or issue discussed in the blog post. Use your sociological insights to propose changes or actions that could help improve the situation.
  9. Conclusion: Summarize your key points and insights from your reflection. Restate your position on the blog post’s content and its relevance to your sociological studies and personal experiences.

Remember to cite specific examples, concepts, or theories from your sociology class to support your analysis and provide depth to your reflection. Additionally, be critical and analytical in your approach, offering a thoughtful and well-reasoned perspective on the blog post’s content.

Reflection on Blog Post.



  1. Read a blog post on Contexts: Sociology for the Public
  2. Then, write a 1-2 page reflection on the blog. Include the following:
  • Write a one paragraph summary of the blog topic (so I know the general theme)
  • Connect the blog post to lecture materials i.e. Is the information consistent with what you’ve learned in class? How/how not? Identify the major theoretical perspective the author is writing from (Structural Functional, Conflict, or Symbolic Interactionist). What might a different theoretical perspective argue?
  • Use your sociological imagination to apply the ideas to your own experiences. That is, tell me how the social pattern you’ve learned about is connected to your everyday life and offer a solution for change.  Some questions you may consider (but don’t have to): Do you agree/disagree? Why? Do you have a similar or different experience? Who may be different? Why? Is there something the author did not consider that is important to the matter?
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