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Reality Therapy Phycological Disorders Discussion

Reality Therapy Phycological Disorders Discussion


Part I:

Solution-oriented therapy does not ignore people’s pain, but rather, it seeks to address it in a constructive and empowering manner. Critics of this approach may misunderstand its core principles. Solution-oriented therapy focuses on helping clients identify their strengths and resources to find solutions to their problems. This approach does not deny or downplay a client’s pain; instead, it acknowledges it while emphasizing the client’s agency in creating positive change.

By highlighting a client’s positive experiences and strengths, solution-oriented therapy empowers them to tackle what is painful in their lives. It encourages clients to shift their focus from dwelling on their problems to actively seeking solutions. This shift in perspective can lead to increased self-efficacy and a sense of control over their circumstances. Clients can harness their inner resources to address their pain constructively, rather than feeling overwhelmed by it.

In summary, solution-oriented therapy does not ignore people’s pain but, rather, provides a framework for clients to explore their pain in a way that empowers them to make positive changes in their lives.

Part II:

  1. A person can be vitally healthy and severely disabled through various factors. Vital health is not solely determined by physical abilities but also includes mental, emotional, and social well-being. Someone with severe physical disabilities may still have strong mental and emotional health, maintain fulfilling relationships, and engage in meaningful activities.
  2. Generational differences in knowledge perception stem from a combination of experience, cultural context, and technological advancements. Older generations often have more life experience, which they believe equips them with wisdom. In contrast, younger generations, exposed to evolving technologies and social norms, may feel more knowledgeable in certain areas.
  3. Fowler’s Stages of Faith and Kohlberg’s Moral Development share similarities in their progressive stages of growth and development but differ in focus. Fowler’s model primarily explores faith and spirituality, while Kohlberg’s theory focuses on moral reasoning and ethical development.

Part III:

  1. My stage of faith development aligns with Fowler’s Stage 4, which emphasizes conventional faith characterized by conformity to societal and religious norms.
  2. My faith has evolved over my lifespan through exposure to diverse perspectives, education, and personal experiences. It has deepened and become more nuanced.
  3. Faith can provide comfort and a sense of purpose when contemplating death, making it less daunting.
  4. Retirement can affect the health of individuals positively by reducing work-related stress but negatively by potentially decreasing social engagement.
  5. Some people choose not to retire due to financial constraints, a desire to stay mentally active, or the need to maintain social connections.
  6. Western society often marginalizes and neglects the elderly, viewing them as less productive or valuable. However, attitudes are evolving towards more inclusive and respectful treatment.

Reality Therapy Phycological Disorders Discussion





Part I

Please write a response in 250 words in APA format

Does solution-oriented therapy ignore people’s pain (as some critics of the approach suggest) or does it facilitate clients’ positive experiences, which in turn empower them to change what is painful in their lives? Support your view

Part II

Please write a response in 250 words in APA format

  • How can a person be vitally healthy and severely disabled?
  • Explain why each older generation thinks it knows more than younger generations, and why each younger generation thinks it is smarter than earlier generations.
  • Compare Fowler’s Stages of Faith with Kolberg’s Moral What are the similarities or differences?

Please write a response in 250 words in APA format

  • Share which stage of faith development describes you.
  • Discuss how your faith evolved over the lifespan.
  • What effect does faith have on your thoughts of death?
  • How does retirement affect the health of people who have worked all their lives?
  • What are some reasons people would choose to not retire?
  • How does Western society tend to treat the elderly?
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