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Purdue Global University The Timber Building Company Question

Purdue Global University The Timber Building Company Question


Description: The Timber Building Company’s Analysis of Motivation

First Off

Comprehending motivational theories is crucial for executives who aim to improve workforce productivity and cultivate a positive work atmosphere. In this context, we will examine the motivating issues that The Timber Building Company, which specializes in creating personalized mobile homes and offices, faces. Using pertinent motivation theories, we will examine the problems impacting employee motivation and offer suggestions for inspiring staff to increase performance.

Problem Synopsis

The Timber Building Company deals with several issues impacting worker motivation and performance. Originally, the company prospered on innovation and distinctive construction projects. These issues consist of:

Lack of Motivation Among Engineers: Despite earning attractive pay and first-rate benefits, the two principal engineers in charge of planning and changing projects do not seem very driven.

Productivity Line Problems:

Current issues with the manufacturing process.

The technicians and supervisor are habitually tardy for work.

An Examination of Engineers’ Motivations

We can use several motivation theories to comprehend the engineers’ lack of motivation:

Anticipation Theory:

This idea proposes that the expectation of receiving a reward for one’s efforts influences motivation. Because of the growing usage of robotic technology in this situation, engineers may not see a clear correlation between their work (developing or updating projects) and the results.

Theory of Job Enrichment:

Because they are now working on mundane tweaks rather than original designs, engineers may find their tasks less enjoyable and their intrinsic drive to decline.

An analysis of the motivation of the construction crew, technicians, and supervisors

Motivation theories can also be used to understand the challenges with motivation that the technician, supervisor, and construction team face:

The Motivation-Hygiene Theory, or Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory:

According to this theory, components are separated into motivators (factors related to the job itself) and hygiene factors (maintenance elements like compensation and perks). Employee unhappiness may result from the regular nature of their employment without intrinsic motivators, even though they get competitive compensation and perks.

Theory of Setting Goals:

The production line team may become less motivated if they lack specific, difficult objectives. Uncertain or undemanding goals could cause the current production line issues.

Suggestions for Increasing Worker Motivation

The CEO and president of The Timber Building Company may want to think about implementing the following tactics to inspire staff members and enhance output:

Redesigned jobs:

To make the engineers’ work more interesting, rethink their duties to include more innovative or creative design work.

Clearly Defined Goals:

Establish quantifiable, precise objectives for the production line crew to increase output and motivation. Motivate staff members to take part in goal-setting.

Appreciation and Incentives:

Establish a system of acknowledgment to honor exceptional work and achievements. This could take the shape of rewards, prizes, or public acknowledgment.

Interaction and Communication:

Engage with staff members regularly to learn about their thoughts, worries, and suggestions. Employee motivation and sense of ownership can be increased by involving them in decision-making.

Succession Arrangements:

Implementing a succession plan that finds and develops future leaders within the company will allay the CEO and president’s worries about retirement and provide stability.

In summary

Comprehending motivation theories is vital to tackle performance concerns at The Timber Building Company. Utilizing these theoretical frameworks to address issues encountered by engineers, managers, technicians, and construction workers, the CEO and president can formulate efficacious tactics to inspire staff members and ensure the organization’s sustained prosperity. A more engaged and productive workforce can result from smart motivational strategy implementation and effective leadership.

Purdue Global University The Timber Building Company Question





Motivation for Performance

Being able to understand the different types of motivational theories helps leaders to build stronger organizations. It is important to focus on employees’ motivation to provide a supportive workplace that helps propel employees towards achievement of organizational goals.

The following Course Outcomes are assessed in this assignment:

MT302-3: Analyze theories of motivation to improve employee performance.

GEL-1.02: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard English.

GEL-6.02: Incorporate outside research into an original work appropriately.

You read about motivation and were provided an opportunity to practice with motivation concepts. Now you will apply motivation concepts to a work situation. Read the fictional scenario and then address the checklist items provided below in an expository essay.

Scenario (fictional):

The Timber Building Company modifies and builds portable offices and homes based on customized plans. The company has been in business 35 years and has prided itself on providing a very competitive salary and great benefits as well as retaining most of their original employees. While they originally began the company doing creative designs and one-of-a-kind housing and office buildings, much of the routine work in the factory is now done robotically. They still need a supervisor and technicians to keep the operations running, as well as the construction crew who actually deliver and construct the products on site. Although the designs might be modified slightly now, they are already in the company computer and ready to produce with some small modifications when needed. There are two main engineers, one who predominantly works on high-end mansions, and the other who predominantly works on corporate office projects from Timber’s main offices.

The CEO and president (the husband and wife team who are the founders), are the ones who meet with prospective corporate clients and negotiate the prices and building parameters. While the company used to construct low-income housing as well, the clients are now almost exclusively wealthy private clients or corporate titans. The CEO and the company president are beginning to think about retirement. They want to keep the company running, but they cannot understand why the two engineers seem unmotivated when they are receiving such competitive salaries and great benefits with 3 weeks’ vacation a year. In addition, the production line has had more problems of late, and the supervisor seems to be coming in late several times a week, as have the technicians. They are worried about the future of the company they built.

Checklist: Minimum Submission Requirements

Using critical thinking and analysis:

Summarize the problems at the company that are possibly affecting employee motivation and performance.

Analyze motivation theories as provided in your text and learning activities (providing proper attribution) to explain the engineers’ lack of motivation.

Name the theory or theories.

Define the theory or theories.

Explain how the theory or theories apply/applies to the scenario.

Analyze motivation theories as provided in your text and learning activities (providing proper attribution) to explain the supervisor’s, technicians’, and construction crew’s lack of motivation.

Name the theory or theories.

Define the theory or theories.

Explain how the theory or theories apply/applies to the scenario.

Explain how the CEO and president might better motivate employees to improve performance.

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