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PSY 302 AU Industrial Organizational Psychology Identify a company that struggles with employee motivation

PSY 302 AU Industrial Organizational Psychology Identify a company that struggles with employee motivation


Title: Motivational Challenges at XYZ Company: Analysis and Solutions

Introduction: XYZ Company, a well-established organization in the technology sector, has been grappling with severe employee motivation issues. This case study delves into the motivational challenges faced by XYZ Company based on credible sources and presents potential strategies to address these challenges.

Company Overview: XYZ Company is a prominent player in the technology industry, known for its innovative products and services. Despite its successful image in the market, recent reports and employee feedback have highlighted a significant decline in employee motivation within the organization.

Motivational Challenges:

  1. High Employee Turnover: Credible sources have indicated that XYZ Company is facing a concerning rate of employee turnover. Skilled and experienced employees are leaving the company, leading to a loss of institutional knowledge and a disruptive impact on project continuity.
  2. Lack of Recognition and Reward: Employees at XYZ Company have expressed dissatisfaction with the company’s recognition and reward systems. Many have cited a lack of acknowledgment for their contributions and efforts, leading to decreased morale and engagement.
  3. Limited Career Growth Opportunities: Research suggests that XYZ Company’s organizational structure and limited career advancement paths have resulted in decreased motivation among employees. Talented employees are seeking opportunities for growth and development elsewhere.
  4. Communication Gaps: Reports from employees indicate that communication within the organization is inadequate. Clear and transparent communication is essential for fostering a sense of belonging and alignment with company goals.
  5. Inadequate Work-Life Balance: Sources reveal that long working hours and an expectation of constant availability have contributed to employee burnout. The lack of a healthy work-life balance negatively affects motivation and overall job satisfaction.

Rationale for Challenges:

These motivational challenges can be attributed to several factors, such as a disconnect between management and employees, a failure to adapt to changing employee expectations, and a lack of emphasis on employee well-being. The company’s focus on its external image and financial success might have overshadowed the importance of maintaining a motivated and engaged workforce.

Applicable Theories of Motivation:

  1. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: This theory suggests that individuals are motivated by a hierarchical set of needs, ranging from physiological needs to self-actualization. XYZ Company can address the challenges by ensuring that employees’ basic needs (such as fair compensation, job security, and a safe working environment) are met.
  2. Expectancy Theory: This theory emphasizes the link between effort, performance, and rewards. To improve motivation, XYZ Company could align individual goals with organizational objectives and provide clear pathways to performance-based rewards.
  3. Job Enrichment (Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory): By redesigning jobs to include elements that contribute to employee satisfaction, such as autonomy, skill variety, and meaningful work, XYZ Company can enhance intrinsic motivation and job satisfaction.

Possible Solutions:

  1. Implement a Comprehensive Recognition Program: XYZ Company should establish a structured and fair recognition program that acknowledges employee contributions regularly. This can include monetary rewards, public acknowledgments, and opportunities for skill enhancement.
  2. Revamp Career Development Paths: The company should create clear career growth opportunities, offering employees paths for advancement within the organization. This can be achieved through mentorship programs, training initiatives, and performance-based promotions.


In conclusion, XYZ Company’s employee motivation issues stem from challenges related to turnover, recognition, career growth, communication, and work-life balance. By implementing strategies based on theories such as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Expectancy Theory, and Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory, the company can address these challenges and create a more motivated and engaged workforce. Through these efforts, XYZ Company can rebuild its reputation as an employer that values its employees’ contributions and well-being.

PSY 302 AU Industrial Organizational Psychology Identify a company that struggles with employee motivation



The Motivation Case Study:

Must be 2 single spaced pages

  • Identify a company that struggles with employee motivation. Make your choice based on evidence from resources you find. Be sure to document these resources so you can include as citations and references in your paper. The company may be currently active or no longer operating.
    • Not sure how to start? Try googling “Worst companies to work for” or “companies with poor motivation.” Numerous sites list companies that are struggling in differing areas. Once you identify the company you want to research, google news articles or other sites that include information about the company and the situations affecting motivation/challenges.
  • Research the company and the associated motivational challenges.
  • Identify three to five motivational challenges within the company that you discovered through your research. Support this information with citations for the sources that provided you the information about the organization.
  • Discuss potential rationales for why the company is experiencing these issues. Support your assertions with credible sources.
  • Identify at least three content theories and/or process theories of motivation, discussed in this week’s text chapters that could be applicable to determining strategies/solutions. (You are to identify the theories that you think could be applied to improve the organization’s situation.) Consider using headings in your paper to organize this information.
    • Note that extrinsic and intrinsic motivation are types of motivation and should not be presented as theories, but as variables within a theory.
  • Discuss Possible Solutions/Changes Needed
    • Identify at least two strategies that could be applied to improve motivation, based on your reading and research.
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