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PSY 246A Colorado Christian University The Attachment Theory Discussion

PSY 246A Colorado Christian University The Attachment Theory Discussion


Chapter 5 of Kail & Cavanaugh’s “Human Development” textbook covers the topic of attachment styles and how they affect relationships. Let us look at an instance of both secure and insecure attachment in an adult:

A firmly connected adult may display characteristics like trust, comfort with emotional closeness, and the capacity for open communication in their relationships. During their early years, they probably had carers who were attentive to their needs, constantly there and a source of emotional support. These people typically have good relationships with their love partners and children. As they model their parenting after their beneficial experiences, their children will likely feel safe and cherished. They are typically emotionally stable and have a strong sense of self-worth. This is consistent with the idea of safe attachment, which is covered in the textbook and emphasizes the importance of relationships that are based on trust and security.

On the other hand, adults with an insecure attachment could display difficulties putting their faith in people, a dread of intimacy, and emotional instability. This could result from their infant parenting being inconsistent or neglectful, which resulted in an anxious or avoidant attachment style. They might experience envy, clinginess, or emotional distance in their relationships. When it comes to their kids, they could struggle to offer constant emotional support, which can cause them to grow up with attachment disorders. Relationships with this individual may reflect the premise that insecure attachment foretells internalizing and externalizing emotional problems, as indicated in the textbook.

Regarding the effects of attachment types on one’s faith and connection to God:

Yes, an individual’s attachment type can affect their faith level and relationship with God. It might be simpler for people with secure attachment patterns to trust and have a profound, meaningful relationship with God if they had already experienced trust and emotional support in their early interactions. They might see God as loving and trustworthy, similar to their safe carers. They might feel safe and secure because of their faith.

On the other hand, those with insecure attachment patterns could have trouble relating to God and maintaining their religion. As a result, they may feel skepticism, dread, or avoidance of their spiritual beliefs. They may transfer their uneasy attachment patterns onto their perception of God. Since they may not have known solid, trustworthy relationships in their early interactions, they can find it difficult to develop one with God.

Biblically speaking, a close relationship with the Lord may impact a healthy attachment. Many Christian beliefs emphasize love, trust, and security in one’s relationship with God. Firm believers can use their relationship with God as a template for creating safe attachments in other aspects of their lives. Their religious beliefs may provide them with comfort and direction, which can improve their interpersonal interactions.

In conclusion, an individual’s interpersonal connections can be significantly influenced by their attachment style, whether secure or insecure, depending on their early attachment experiences and religious perspective.

PSY 246A Colorado Christian University The Attachment Theory Discussion





Developmental psychologist Kathleen Stassen Berger (2017) states that “attachment is…lifelong, beginning before birth and influencing relationships throughout life” (p. 184). In addition, “insecure attachment and especially disorganized attachment predict emotional problems – both externalizing (such as aggression) and internalizing (such as depression)” (p. 186).

Pages 158 through 159 define secure attachment and the various forms of insecure attachment that exist between babies and their caregivers. Answer the following questions after reading Section 5.1 in your textbook:

Based on your observations (in marriage, parenting, and/or friendship), describe an adult who is securely or insecurely attached. Please do not use any names if you are thinking of a real-life example. What might this person’s relationships with their own children and with their romantic partners look like? Please connect the traits you observe to specific ideas cited in Chapter 5 of Kail & Cavanaugh (2019).

What implications might attachment styles have on one’s faith or on one’s relationship with God?

As you respond to these questions, also reflect upon our biblical perspective for the session. How might a strong relationship with the Lord influence healthy attachment  Reading:
Kail, R. V., & Cavanaugh, J. C. (2019). Human development: A life-span view (8th ed.).

Chapter 3: Tools for Exploring the World: Physical, Perceptual, and Motor Development (assigned sections only)

  • Section 3.2: Physical Development
  • Section 3.3: Moving and Grasping: Early Motor Skills
  • Section 3.4: Coming to Know the World: Perception

Section 3.5: Becoming Self-Aware

Chapter 4: The Emergence of Thought and Language: Cognitive Development in Infancy and Early Childhood (entire chapter)

Chapter 5: Entering the Social World: Socioemotional Development in Infancy and Early Childhood (assigned sections only)

Section 5.1: Beginnings: Trust and Attachment

Section 5.2: Emerging Emotions

  • Section 5.3: Interacting with Others
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