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Protecting Free Speech Online.

Protecting Free Speech Online.


Title: Safeguarding the First Amendment: Protecting Freedom of Speech in the Digital Age

Introduction: “The First Amendment is not about free thought and free belief alone. It is about free thought and free belief in action. It is about free expression of free choice and action.” – Archibald Cox

In today’s digital age, the First Amendment faces new challenges that demand a careful balance between protecting freedom of speech and addressing online harassment. The rise of social media platforms and the internet has revolutionized communication but has also brought forth a concerning trend of online harassment, which threatens to stifle free speech. In this position paper, I will argue that safeguarding the First Amendment in the digital age is essential for preserving our democratic values and individual freedoms. To support this claim, I will discuss the importance of free speech, the challenges posed by online harassment, and address potential counterarguments.

Major Points:

  1. The Vital Importance of Free Speech: The First Amendment is a cornerstone of American democracy, providing citizens with the right to express their thoughts, ideas, and opinions freely without fear of government censorship. Free speech encourages a diversity of viewpoints, fosters open dialogue, and promotes accountability among public officials. It is a fundamental right that must be protected in both the physical and digital realms.
  2. The Challenges of Online Harassment: While free speech is a crucial right, it is not absolute. Online harassment, including cyberbullying, hate speech, and doxxing, poses serious threats to individuals’ safety and well-being. The internet’s anonymity and global reach have made it easier for individuals and groups to engage in harmful and abusive behavior. This harassment can lead to real-world consequences, such as mental health issues, job loss, and even physical harm.
  3. Balancing Free Speech and Online Harassment: It is essential to strike a balance between safeguarding the First Amendment and addressing online harassment. We must implement policies and regulations that hold individuals accountable for their harmful actions while preserving the free exchange of ideas. This includes stronger enforcement of anti-harassment laws, improved online platform moderation, and educating users about responsible online behavior.

Expected Counterargument:

One common counterargument is that regulating online speech to combat harassment may infringe upon individuals’ freedom of expression. Critics argue that these regulations could be abused by those in power to suppress dissenting voices and stifle legitimate criticism.

In response to this counterargument, it is crucial to emphasize that protecting freedom of speech does not mean allowing unchecked harm and abuse. Just as we have laws against hate speech, libel, and incitement to violence in the physical world, reasonable regulations must also apply to the digital world. These regulations should be transparent, fair, and focused on addressing harassment while respecting the diversity of opinions and ideas.


In conclusion, safeguarding the First Amendment in the digital age is essential for preserving our democratic values and individual freedoms. While free speech is a fundamental right, we must acknowledge and address the challenges posed by online harassment. Striking a balance between these two principles requires thoughtful regulation and enforcement to ensure that everyone can participate in the digital public square without fear of harassment or harm. By protecting free speech while curbing online harassment, we can create a more inclusive and respectful digital society.





This is the second of two (2) position papers based on the following scenario to be completed in this course.Again, imagine that you are running for a state office (e.g., governor, senator, or Congressional representative) and you have to prepare a position paper for a debate on controversial issues in the news. [Select one (1) of the topics addressed in Weeks 5-9 of this class.]  Remember that you are addressing a significant segment of your state’s population and you want to be elected to public office, so your topic will have to have a broad appeal, such as public trust and the media, the loss of privacy, safeguarding the First Amendment, online harassment, and the dangers of privatizing public information, among other topics from those chapters.You will want your position paper to demonstrate critical thinking, sound logic, valid claims, personal passion, and credible support that is cited correctly because the paper will be provided to the news media before the debate and will be scrutinized by the media and reported on regarding these criteria. Write a two to three (2-3) page (500 to 750 words) paper in which you:

  1. Introduce your position using a thesis statement in the first paragraph, including a quote, question, or statistic from your reliable sources and an overview of the main points you will cover. (It’s important to grab the audience’s interest and inform the audience of what the main and support points are.)
  2. Provide two or three (2-3) major points to support your thesis statement. (Put each major point in a separate paragraph.)
  3. Provide one (1) paragraph in which you identify and answer an expected argument against your view.
  4. Organize arguments and support your claims effectively.
  5. Demonstrate personal passion for your position and critical thinking with persuasive language, sound logic, valid claims, and credible support for the claims.
  6. Use the Strayer University Library at https://research.strayer.edu to locate and provide two to three (2-3) credible and reliable sources (in addition to the textbook) about current events, which have been published in the last five (5) years and are cited correctly in the position paper. (Wikipedia, dictionaries, and encyclopedias are unacceptable and will not count toward your number of credible sources.)
  7. Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:
  • Be typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow Strayer Writing Standards. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.
  • The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:
  • Apply critical thinking skills to the analysis of issues involving mass media and society.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in media and society.
  • Write clearly and concisely about media and society using proper writing mechanics.
  1. By submitting this paper, you agree: (1) that you are submitting your paper to be used and stored as part of the SafeAssign™ services in accordance with the Blackboard Privacy Policy; (2) that your institution may use your paper in accordance with your institution’s policies; and (3) that your use of SafeAssign will be without recourse against Blackboard Inc. and its affiliates.
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