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Proposal: Researching Solutions for Company X


Proposal: Researching Solutions for Company X

Title Page

  • Title: Proposal for Researching Solutions to [Identified Problem] at Company X
  • Prepared by: [Your Name], [Your Position]
  • Date: [Date of Submission]
  • To: [CEO’s Name], CEO, Company X


Current Problem

Company X faces a significant challenge with [Identified Problem], impacting operational efficiency and profitability. This problem has been substantiated by [statistics/customer feedback/financial breakdowns], demonstrating its adverse effects on daily operations and customer satisfaction. The accompanying graphic illustrates the scope and magnitude of the issue, underscoring the need for immediate intervention and strategic resolution.

Proposed Research

To address [Identified Problem], our research plan encompasses a systematic approach:

  • Research Methodologies: Utilizing [specific methodologies/tools] to analyze root causes and explore potential solutions.
  • Task Breakdown: Conducting [specific tasks] to evaluate each solution’s feasibility, cost-effectiveness, and operational impact.
  • Criteria for Comparison: Establishing criteria such as [cost, functionality, effectiveness] to objectively assess and compare potential solutions.

This structured approach ensures thoroughness and relevance in identifying the optimal solution tailored to Company X’s unique needs and challenges.

Task Schedule (Gantt Chart)

A Gantt chart detailing the timeline for research tasks is provided below, ensuring clarity and realistic scheduling of activities.

![Gantt Chart Image Placeholder]


The proposed budget estimates the cost of research services, reflecting the value and strategic importance of addressing [Identified Problem] at Company X.

Task Description Hours Required Hourly Rate ($) Total Cost ($)
Research Methodologies X X X
Task 1 X X X
Task 2 X X X
Task 3 X X X
Task 4 X X X
Total X X

Justification: The budget aligns with industry standards and ensures the quality and depth of research necessary to achieve actionable outcomes for Company X.


  1. Author, A. (Year). Title of the Book. Publisher.
  2. Author, B. (Year). Title of the Article. Journal Name, Volume(Issue), Page numbers.
  3. Company X’s Internal Reports on [Identified Problem].


In conclusion, addressing [Identified Problem] is crucial for Company X’s long-term success and sustainability. Our proposed research plan offers a systematic approach to identifying and implementing effective solutions. With a clear understanding of the problem’s impact and a robust strategy in place, we are confident in our ability to deliver meaningful results that optimize operations and enhance profitability at Company X.


Proposal Instructions: Researching Solutions for Company X

Proposal Objective:

This assignment calls for you to craft a persuasive proposal to secure funding for researching solutions to a significant problem faced by a business you are familiar with: your gym, where you work or have worked, your church, your school, your parent’s job, etc. It must be a real company because you have to get information about that company to aid in your research. For example, you may need to know the average salary of the workers, overhead costs, etc. (If the company will not give you the information, I will work with you to help you find research on comparable costs in that industry. Come to my office hours or let me know if you need to set up a Zoom session for me another time.)

Your task is to write a proposal to convince the CEO of Company X to invest in your expertise and research services to address the identified problem effectively.

Proposal Activities:

1. Prove the problem exists in the Current Problem section:

· Identify the problem faced by Company X.

· Highlight the necessity of investing in research for viable solutions.

· Convince the CEO of the significance of addressing the problem.

2. Develop a Research Plan in the Proposed Research section:

· Detail your plan of action for researching solutions.

· Identify specific tasks and methodologies for each solution.

· Establish criteria for comparing solutions (e.g., cost, functionality, effectiveness).

· Convince the CEO of the thoroughness and effectiveness of your research plan.

3. Develop a Time Schedule for Completing the Research Tasks in the Task Schedule section:

· Create a Gantt chart outlining the timeline for completing research tasks.

· Ensure realistic scheduling of activities.

· Provide a clear visualization of the proposed timeline for the CEO’s understanding.

4. Create a Budget that Estimates the Cost of Your Research in the Budget section:

· Develop a professional table estimating research costs.

· Charge by the hour and estimate the number of hours for each task.

· Justify the proposed budget and demonstrate the value of the research investment.

5. Track Your References:

· Include three to five well-documented references.

· Use a consistent citation style (APA, CBE, MLA, etc.).

Proposal Format

· Well-Designed Title Page:

· Include the title of the proposal

· Include your name and title,

· Include the reader’s name and title

· Include the date of submission

· Generally includes the colors of the company.

· Summary:

· Write the summary last, reflecting the length and complexity of the document.

· Summarize each section briefly, accounting for 15-20% of the total document length.

· Summaries are generally 200-250 words.

· Current Problem section:

· Provide comprehensive background and context on the identified problem.

· Incorporate persuasive data, statistics, financial breakdowns, or customer feedback that will convince your audience the problem is having a negative financial impact on the company.

· Include an original persuasive graphic illustrating the extent of the problem.

· Proposed Research section:

· Detail your plan for researching solutions and establishing standard criteria.

· Itemize specific tasks and methodologies for each solution.

· Explain how you will research each criterion for comparison.

· Task Schedule (Gantt Chart):

· Create an original Gantt chart detailing the timeline for research tasks.

· Ensure clarity and realism in scheduling activities.

· Budget:

· Develop an original professional table estimating your research costs.

· Justify the proposed budget and hourly rate.

· References:

· Include three to five well-documented references.

· Use a consistent citation style throughout the document.

Additional Guidelines:

· Format the proposal professionally in a report format.

· Single-spaced paragraphs with double space between paragraphs.

· Start each section on a new page.

· Incorporate original graphics and tables to enhance persuasion.

· Use solid, fiscally sound, and credible research throughout.

· Craft a convincing proposal tailored to the CEO’s concerns and interests.

Remember: Your proposal should stand out among competitors and effectively persuade the CEO of Company X to invest in your research services.

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