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Preferred Communication Style Analysis.

 Preferred Communication Style Analysis.


  1. Identify and Discuss Your Preferred Communication Style:  You need to determine which communication styles you lean towards – dynamic, reflective, supportive, or directive. Here’s a brief overview of each style:
    • Emotive: Emotive communicators are expressive of their feelings and emotions. They often use emotional language and body language to convey their message.
    • Reflective: Reflective communicators are thoughtful and analytical. They may take their time to consider their words and often provide in-depth explanations or analyses.
    • Supportive: Supportive communicators focus on building rapport and relationships. They tend to be good listeners and offer encouragement and empathy.
    • Directive: Directive communicators are goal-oriented and decisive. They provide clear instructions and prioritize efficiency.
  1. Once you’ve identified your preferred style, discuss why you think it suits you and the benefits it brings to your communication.
  2. Identify Roadblocks of Excessive Display of Your Preferred Style: Consider the downsides or roadblocks that may occur when you rely too much on your preferred style. For example, if you are overly passionate, you might struggle to convey complex information logically. Discuss how these roadblocks could impact effective communication.
  3. Select Another Style to Flex Into and Explain Why: Choose one of the communication styles (dynamic, reflective, supportive, or directive) that differs from your preferred style. Explain why you would be willing to adapt to this style in certain situations. For example, if your preferred style is directive, consider flexing into a supportive style when dealing with a friend who needs emotional support, and explain why this flexibility could be beneficial.

Remember to provide examples or personal experiences to support your points and make your response more insightful. Additionally, consider any sociological theories or concepts related to communication styles you have learned in your sociology course to add depth to your analysis.

 Preferred Communication Style Analysis.

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Each of us has a preferred style of communicating with others which can be characterized as emotive, reflective, supportive, or directive. Identify and discuss your preferred style and its benefits. Next, identify roadblocks that may occur when behaviors associated with your style are displayed to excess. Last, but not least select one other style apart from your own that you may be willing to flex into and why you selected that particular style.

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