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Positive Self-Disclosure in Interview.

 Positive Self-Disclosure in Interview.


In the given scenario, both social workers in the “Southside Community Service” video engaged in self-disclosure by sharing personal experiences related to downsizing to a smaller apartment with their families. Both instances of self-disclosure were positive and purposeful in the client’s situation.
Ariel Brown’s self-disclosure was positive because it demonstrated compassion and empathy towards Mrs. Bargas. The social worker provided the client with a sense of comfort and reassurance by sharing her experience of downsizing and expressing that she and her family loved it. Mrs. Bargas might have felt less alone and gained confidence from knowing someone else had successfully navigated a similar challenge.
Cynthia Garrison’s self-disclosure was also positive as it offered a potential solution to Mrs. Bargas’s financial struggles. By sharing her positive experience of living in a smaller apartment with children, the social worker indirectly suggested a practical and cost-effective solution to the client’s problem. This type of self-disclosure was likely reassuring to Mrs. Bargas, who might have been concerned about the practicality of downsizing.
In both cases, the social workers’ self-disclosures built rapport, provided reassurance, and offered practical advice. These disclosures were relevant, non-intrusive, and aligned with the client’s needs, making them positive and beneficial in the therapeutic context.

 Positive Self-Disclosure in Interview.





In each response, identify one other way the social worker has self-disclosed in this interview. Explain whether this type of self-disclosure is positive or negative. 150 words for each post and one reference for each.

Ariel Brown

In the “Southside Community Service” video the social workers disclosed to the client that she and her husband and kids had to downgrade to a smaller apartment, but they loved it. According to (Cummings & Sevel, 2017) using self-disclosure appropriately takes time to learn, in part because there are some instances where self-disclosure is necessary and helpful. In this video the social worker disclosed to Mrs. Bargas, and it was a bit of relief. It didn’t create any tension, but it created comfort for the client in her situation. This was purposeful for the client to give her confidence. This was a positive self-disclosure because the social worker showed compassion and empathy. The negative aspects of it could be to cause the client to shut down and it may not be helpful to them at the time. I would have self-disclosed because when I’m talking to people, and they get a sense of the real you it helps create a positive feeling for the client because they know that they’re not alone and they’re not the only one who is going through a situation.


Cummins, L., K., & Sevel, J., A. (2017). Social work skills for beginning direct practice: Text, workbook, and interactive web based case studies (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.

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Walden University, LLC. (Producer). (2016). Southside Community Services: Mrs. Bargas, episode 2[Video file]. Walden University Canvas. https://waldenu.instructure.com/

Cynthia Garrison

When Mrs. Bargas mentions she cannot afford where she and her family are staying, she throws out the idea of moving to a smaller place, but doesn’t seem happy about having to do so. The social worker tries to spin the idea into a positive choice by telling Mrs. Bargas that her and her husband moved into a smaller apartment last year with their two children and they enjoy it. It is less work to keep clean and cheaper. It seemed to help ease Mrs. Bargas worries of space knowing the social worker also has children and is still comfortable living in a smaller apartment. It could be a possible solution for Mrs. Bargas and her family.

It is difficult to see any negative aspects of this disclosure. Disclosing the social workers experience of living in a smaller apartment may not have changed Mrs. Bargas mind about downsizing.

The positive aspect is the social worker has given Mrs. Bargas one solution to her financial struggles. If I have had a similar experience that I think would benefit my client I would definitely disclose that experience with my client to show that they are not alone and to help them with a positive solution to their problem.

Walden University, LLC. (Producer). (2016). Southside Community Services: Mrs. Bargas, episode 2 [Video file]. Walden University Canvas. https://waldenu.instructure.com/

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