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Political Science Discussion Post Response

Political Science Discussion Post Response


  1. Introduction: You introduce the idea that the American government and political system have undergone significant changes over the centuries, potentially beyond the framers’ recognition. You also highlight the influence of social and political learning for citizens and politicians.
  2. Impact of Social Media on Politics: You discuss how politicians have adapted to the changing landscape, especially by using social media to stand out during campaigns and elections. This approach captures the public’s attention and can lead to increased popularity.
  3. Proposed Improvement to Voting System: You address the issue of lower voter turnout and suggest that the inconvenience of registering to vote might be a contributing factor, particularly for younger individuals accustomed to instant gratification. You emphasize the need for a more accessible voting system to encourage greater participation.
  4. Historical Examples of Political Engagement: You cite the 2012 and 2016 elections as instances where engagement was high due to factors like Barack Obama’s connection with minorities and the controversy surrounding the 2016 election.
  5. Political Trends and the Dominance of Parties: You speculate about the future political landscape, suggesting that Democrats could gain more influence and possibly become the dominant party due to their alignment with the views of younger people.
  6. Internet, Social Media, and Elections: You predict that future election candidates will increasingly use the internet and social media to connect with both young and older voters. Additionally, you anticipate controversies, particularly related to former President Trump, which could contribute to higher voter turnout.
  7. Optimism for the Future: You conclude by expressing optimism about the future of American politics, believing that despite divisions, people will find ways to come together and coexist.

Your essay covers various aspects of the political landscape and its evolution, and you’ve provided reasonable insights into potential trends. To enhance your essay, you might consider providing more concrete examples and data to support your points, which would lend additional credibility to your analysis. Additionally, exploring potential challenges or counterarguments to your proposed improvement in the voting system would provide a more well-rounded perspective on the topic. Overall, your essay effectively captures the changing nature of American politics and its potential future trajectory.

Political Science Discussion Post Response



  Political Science

Final Essay     

The American government and political system have come a long way since the beginning of the founding of American, and the birth of the Constitution; over the past two centuries, America has evolved so much, politically and socially, almost to a point in which the framers of the Constitution may not even recognize anything in regard to systems, power, or policies. We, as citizens, have learned many things, what works and what does not work, and so have politicians. Politicians know that nowadays, Americans love controversy, and they especially love drama. In modern times, I feel as though What may work for politicians is standing out during campaigns and elections, and essentially doing whatever they can to catch the public eye the most, in order to win the popular vote. While it may not seem like such a smart idea to us citizens, it is actually a pretty decent tactic that politicians have been able to adapt because of the rise of social media.

If I were given responsibility to change the way the political system works, I would try and improve it by changing the way voting works. I believe that partially the reason there has been a lower voter turn out recently is because of how inconvenient and time consuming it is to register to vote. Especially young people nowadays, who have been used to instant gratification, I believe if there were a more accessible way to vote, that would greatly benefit the country. I believe the most I have ever seen younger people involved in politics was during the 2012 and 2016 elections. President Obama was able to really connect with minorities by becoming the first African-American president. That made a ton of people proud and honestly, really brought people together. In addition to that, Michelle Obama became involved in so many organizations, helping people all around the country. For the 2016 elections, well, we all know why that was significant. It was probably the most controversial election period of all time.

With the Democrats winning control of the House of Representatives, I believe politics will be headed down a road in which the majority of people will either start to agree more with democrats, or eventually be somewhat forced to be in order to conform with the rest of the country. A ton of young people identify with the Democratic side of the issues that go on today. If this trend keeps happening, sooner or later democrats will be the dominant party. Moving forward into 2020 elections, I believe the candidates will utilize the internet and social media a ton in order to reach out to the younger people— and older people who use the internet more than any other form of media. I also believe that there will be some type of controversy regarding president Trump, and I believe because of the digital media, voter turn out will slowly start to rise as more elections happen in the future.

Politics are an essential part to the American life. Over the course of roughly two decades, America has shaped itself into a place which may be considered unrecognizable, if the framers of the Constitution were alive to see it today. As we move forward into the future, I believe that America will slowly start to get better at agreeing on certain issues, as it seems as though more and more people are starting to come together to coexist even though we are seemingly divided. Things will only go up from here, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

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