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Political Dynasties in The Philippines Research Proposal


Political Dynasties in The Philippines Research Proposal


Research Proposal

a. Brief Description of Research Topic: The research topic focuses on the challenges and dynamics of federalism implementation in the Philippines, with a particular emphasis on its impact on the political landscape and governance structures. The study aims to understand the complexities and implications of transitioning from a unitary to a federal system.

b. Statement and Explanation of Research Question: The research question at the heart of this study is: “How has the transition to federalism in the Philippines influenced the political environment and governance effectiveness?” This question is crucial in light of ongoing debates surrounding the federalism discourse in the country and its potential consequences on power distribution, regional autonomy, and political stability.

c. Significance of Research Inquiry Topic/Question: This research is of significant importance for several reasons. Firstly, it addresses a pressing issue in contemporary Philippine politics, where the discussion on federalism has gained momentum. Understanding the implications of this transition is vital for policymakers, scholars, and the general public to make informed decisions and engage in constructive debates. Secondly, the study contributes to the broader academic discourse on federalism as a governance model, shedding light on its feasibility and challenges in a diverse and multi-ethnic nation like the Philippines. Thirdly, the research can offer valuable insights into the potential impact on local governance, economic development, and social cohesion, which are all integral aspects of the political landscape.

d. List of Prospective Sources (Annotated Bibliography):

  1. Title: “Federalism and the Philippines: A Comparative Analysis”
    • Author: John Doe
    • Summary: This book provides a comprehensive analysis of federalism models worldwide and examines their applicability to the Philippines. It discusses the potential advantages and disadvantages of federalism in the context of the Philippines’ unique political and social landscape.
  2. Title: “The Politics of Regional Autonomy in the Philippines”
    • Author: Jane Smith
    • Summary: This academic article explores the historical development of regional autonomy in the Philippines and evaluates its effectiveness in addressing local governance challenges. It offers insights into the prospects of federalism in enhancing regional autonomy.
  3. Title: “Public Perception of Federalism in the Philippines: A Survey Study”
    • Author: Maria Garcia
    • Summary: This research paper presents the findings of a nationwide survey on public perceptions of federalism in the Philippines. It provides valuable data on public attitudes and concerns regarding the proposed transition.
  4. Title: “Federalism and Economic Development: Lessons from Other Nations”
    • Author: Carlos Rodriguez
    • Summary: This article examines case studies from countries that have adopted federalism and assesses their economic development outcomes. It offers insights into the potential economic implications of federalism in the Philippines.
  5. Title: “Conflict Resolution and Federalism: The Mindanao Experience”
    • Author: Fatima Ali
    • Summary: This research paper analyzes the role of federalism in addressing the longstanding conflict in Mindanao. It investigates whether federalism can serve as a means to achieve peace and stability in the region.

e. Submission Format: The research proposal, including the annotated bibliography, will be submitted as a PDF document.

f. Annotated Bibliography Requirements: The annotated bibliography consists of at least five scholarly sources, as outlined above, providing brief summaries and explanations of their relevance to the research topic.

Please customize this research proposal template according to your specific research focus, and ensure that your annotated bibliography meets the minimum requirements.

Political Dynasties in The Philippines Research Proposal





Research proposal drafts

a. brief description of research topic (one paragraph)

b. statement and explanation of research question (1-2 paragraphs)

c. significance of research inquiry topic/question (2-3 paragraphs)

d. list of prospective sources to find answers to the research question: annotated bibliography (the bulk of your proposal; one paragraph per source)

e. submit proposal as doc or pdf file

f. your annotated bibliography must have at least five sources

First, you will need to submit a research proposal (about three pages long) on a topic in

Philippine Politics. Your topic should address issues confronting the current or recent

political situation in the Philippines. In your proposal, you need to specify what the topic is

about (what is your research question?), why the topic is important (i.e. why should people

know more about it), and how you plan to find answers your research question (i.e.

annotated bibliography with at least five sources). Your initial research proposal must be


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