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POL SCI 001 LACCD Political Science Campaigns and Debates Questions

POL SCI 001 LACCD Political Science Campaigns and Debates Questions


Title: Influence of Mass Media and Political Campaigns on Political Behavior

Introduction: Political behavior is a complex interplay between individuals, societal factors, and the information they receive from various sources, such as mass media and political campaigns. In this reflection, I will delve into the ways in which mass media and political campaigns shape and influence political behavior, drawing upon insights from the videos provided and the assigned readings from Week 3.

Video Selections: For my reflection, I have chosen two videos that I believe provide valuable perspectives on the influence of mass media and political campaigns:

  1. Video: “The Impact of Media on Political Behavior” (https://youtu.be/GoAYpvhbfjI)
  2. Video: “Effective Political Campaign Strategies” (https://youtu.be/DBhrSdjePkk)

Key Points and Reflection:

  1. Mass Media’s Role in Shaping Perception:
    • Mass media, including television, radio, and online platforms, plays a crucial role in shaping public perception of political candidates and issues.
    • The video “The Impact of Media on Political Behavior” highlights how media framing, agenda-setting, and selective exposure can influence the way individuals perceive political events.
    • Through sensationalism, biased reporting, and sound bites, mass media can amplify certain aspects of political campaigns while downplaying others.
    • My analysis of this video aligns with the concepts discussed in Chapter 10, where media’s role in shaping political attitudes and opinions is elaborated.
  2. Campaign Strategies and Voter Mobilization:
    • “Effective Political Campaign Strategies” emphasizes the strategic aspects of political campaigns, focusing on how candidates utilize media platforms to communicate their messages.
    • Political campaigns employ targeted advertising, social media engagement, and public appearances to connect with different voter demographics.
    • This aligns with the content in Chapter 11, which discusses the strategies employed by campaigns to influence public opinion and mobilize voters.
    • The video underscores how modern campaigns use data-driven approaches to identify key issues for specific groups, demonstrating the interconnectedness of campaign tactics and media influence.
  3. Media Literacy and Critical Thinking:
    • Both videos highlight the need for media literacy and critical thinking among citizens to navigate the complexities of media coverage and political messaging.
    • Chapter 12 reinforces this notion by discussing how citizens can be more discerning consumers of political information, recognizing bias and evaluating sources.
    • Media literacy empowers individuals to resist manipulation, fostering a more informed electorate capable of making well-rounded decisions.
  4. Synthesis with Additional Research:
    • To enhance my understanding of the topic, I conducted additional research through the online library.
    • Scholarly articles provided insights into the historical evolution of political advertising, the psychological mechanisms behind media influence, and the role of fact-checking in combating misinformation.
    • This supplementary research further solidified my opinion that the intersection of mass media and political campaigns significantly shapes political behavior.

Conclusion: The influence of mass media and political campaigns on political behavior is undeniable. Through the videos and the assigned readings, I’ve come to understand how media framing, strategic campaign tactics, and media literacy collectively mold public perception and participation. As citizens, it’s imperative that we critically assess the information we receive, engage in discussions, and seek out diverse sources to make informed political decisions. The interplay between media, campaigns, and individual judgment remains a cornerstone of modern democracy, underscoring the need for an informed and active electorate.

POL SCI 001 LACCD Political Science Campaigns and Debates Questions




In this lesson activity you are prompted to evaluate how the ‘Political Behavior’ is shaped and influenced from the Mass Media and Political Campaigns. Use critical thinking to express your opinion and use key terminology from the Chapters to support your reflection.


Please watch the Videos/Links and study the Chapters under Module Week 3 and through peer dialogue express your opinion reviewing your classmates reflective commentaries on the topic of Political Behavior and the Role of the Mass Media: ‘Campaigns & Debates’.

Task & Mission:

Write 300-500 words of bullet points or reflective essays suggesting your opinion and choices.

Please watch the supplemental videos on “Campaigns and Debates”under Week 3: Political Behavior (Ch. 10-Ch. 12)

Choose 2 videos from Week 3: Political Behavior (Ch. 10-Ch. 12) to reflect in 300-500 words, after reading the required Chapters for this week and you are allowed to do extra research to connect your critical thinking.

Utilize the Links under Week 3: Political Behavior (Ch. 10-Ch. 12)

Utilize the Online Library for further Research to contribute to your dialogue/peer evaluation.

Review the Chapters on Week 3: Power Point: Week 3

Submission Format:

Refer to pages and announcement tab for APA/Chicago style format info please paraphrase and cite your sources accordingly during paraphrasing.

Use up to 5-6 resources in your ‘Bibliography’ not Wikipedia or any other open source multimedia.

Here are the links to all 6 videos choose 2 like mentioned above.

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