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POL 201 Tidewater Community College National Government Discussion

POL 201 Tidewater Community College National Government Discussion


In the context of the scenario described in Chapters 6-8, the goal of equality is presented as treating others the way you want to be treated, ensuring fair opportunities for all, and putting aside favoritism. This perspective of equality aligns with the concept of a citizen actively participating in the evolution of republican self-government. Political parties in this scenario would deviate or conform to the goal of equality based on their ideologies, priorities, and strategies.

Deviation from the Goal of Equality: Some political parties might deviate from the goal of equality if their policies and actions prioritize certain groups over others or if they pursue policies that create systemic disparities. For example, a party that focuses on tax breaks for the wealthy without considering the impacts on marginalized communities could be seen as deviating from the goal of equality.

Conformity to the Goal of Equality: On the other hand, political parties that emphasize social justice, equal access to education and healthcare, and policies aimed at reducing economic disparities would align with the goal of equality described in the scenario. Such parties would advocate for policies that ensure fair treatment and opportunities for everyone, irrespective of their backgrounds.

Political Parties Shaping the Political Process: Political parties play a crucial role in shaping the political process through their policy platforms, candidate selections, campaign strategies, and legislative agendas. They influence public discourse, mobilize voters, and shape policy discussions. Depending on their stance on equality, parties can drive either inclusive policies or ones that exacerbate inequality. The dynamics between parties’ adherence to or deviation from the goal of equality can create significant impacts on the direction of a country’s governance and policies.

Relation to Political Socialization: Political socialization refers to the process through which individuals acquire political beliefs, values, and behaviors. In this scenario, people would likely be socialized to value and prioritize equality as an essential aspect of their role in republican self-government. Their political views would be influenced by their understanding of fairness, equal treatment, and civic responsibilities.

Agents of Political Socialization:

  1. Family: Family is often the primary source of political socialization. Children learn about political values, ideologies, and civic responsibilities through family discussions and observations of their parents’ political engagement.
  2. Education: Schools and educational institutions expose individuals to civic education and provide opportunities for discussions on political issues, helping shape their understanding of concepts like equality.
  3. Media: Mass media, including news outlets and social media platforms, play a significant role in shaping political opinions by providing information and framing political discussions.
  4. Peers and Social Circles: Interactions with peers, friends, and social groups influence political beliefs through discussions, debates, and shared values.

Role of Interest Groups: Interest groups are organizations that advocate for specific policies, causes, or interests on behalf of their members. They play a significant role in the U.S. political process by influencing policy decisions through lobbying, grassroots activism, and public campaigns. Interest groups can either support or hinder the goal of equality, depending on their objectives. Those advocating for social justice and equal rights contribute to advancing the goal of equality, while others focusing on narrow interests might inadvertently perpetuate inequalities.

In summary, political parties can either deviate from or conform to the goal of equality described in the scenario. Their positions and actions have a substantial impact on shaping the political process. Political socialization, influenced by family, education, media, and social circles, can foster a commitment to equality. Interest groups, meanwhile, can either support or hinder equality depending on their agendas and lobbying efforts.

POL 201 Tidewater Community College National Government Discussion



Chapter 6-8

We need to think outside the box for a minute and wonder if we are truly working on the evolution of republican self-government.  If this is the case, then liberty is the state of being free from imposition (mentally and physically) where your rights are protected because others are protecting them and likewise you are protecting theirs.  This basically makes everyone the protector of liberty.  In looking at equality let us challenge ourselves to think of it as, you treating others like you want to be treated.  In other words, no favoritism, always first come is first served and fair opportunity is to be expected.  If this is the case the definition of equality is no longer outside of us to observe; we now become the citizen defined by the word equality and an active participant of this experiment in self-government actively having to make equality happen for all f us.

Given the scenario explained above as our political reality, relate how political parties either deviate or conform to the above goal of equality and how do you see political parties shaping the political process in general.

How did your answer relate to the process of political socialization?  Describe four agents of political socialization?   Then assess the role that “Interest Groups” play in the U.S. and what effect their lobbying has on the political process.

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