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Planimeter Lab

Among the most essential jobs that a petroleum engineer has to undertake is determining just how much hydrocarbons are consisted of in a possible tank. Key physical attributes that they will be worried with include porosity, permeability, net-to-gross ratio and bulk rock volume.

This info can then be utilized to calculate original oil in place (OOIP) and initial gas in location (OGIP). Hence, for a given expedition possibility, explorers and commercial experts can utilize this crucial information to figure out whether a prospect is financially viable.

This paper seeks to go over bulk rock volume and its value in determining the amount of hydrocarbon in a tank. An instrument called a planimeter is used to determine the location of the contours on an isopach map and uses both Simpsons Rule and the Trapezoidal Rule to calculate the bulk rock volume of the reservoir.


To examine particle size circulation of an offered sediment using a sieve shaker.


Petroleum reservoirs have the ability to contain valuable hydrocarbons in the tiny pores under geological developments and to send the fluids under particular driving forces.

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One of the core roles and responsibilities of a reservoir engineer is to make a good evaluation of the hydrocarbons in place in a tank. That is, he must have the ability to figure out the Oil At first In Location (OIIP) and the Gas Initially In Location (GIIP). Lots of elements have to be thoroughly considered and the one talked about in this laboratory is the Bulk Rock Volume and how it is obtained.

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Bulk rock volume is truly the gross rock volume of rock above any hydrocarbon-water contact. It can be determined by mapping and correlating contour maps of the given location. The net-to-gross ratio is then computed to figure out the proportion of the location which contains reservoir rocks. The bulk rock volume increased by the net-to-gross ratio provides the net rock volume of the tank.

Next, the net rock volume multiplied by porosity gives the overall hydrocarbon pore volume. The summation of these volumes will offer the OIIP and GIIP for a provided expedition possibility and will enable explorers and commercial analysts to identify whether a prospect is financially feasible.

The methods most commonly used are volumetric methods, material balances methods and decline curve methods. This lab discusses the volumetric method using a planimeter. This is a drafting instrument used to measure the area of a graphically represented planar region. The region being measured may have an irregular shape, making this instrument versatile.

A planimeter measures the area of a plane figure as a mechanically coupled pointer traverses the perimeter of the figure. Swiss mathematician Jakob Amsler-Laffon built the first modern planimeter in 1854, but since then many versions have been manufactured and are even used on Android phones today. Its use is not limited to measuring bulk rock volume of reservoirs; its other uses include measuring for road repairing, roofing and range finder applications.

In petroleum engineering, planimeters are primarily used for the purpose of calculating the bulk rock volume of a potential reservoir to determine if it contains commercially viable quantities of hydrocarbons.

The planimeter readings are input into the following equations:- The Trapeziodal Rule which states that
Bulk Rock Volume = h/2[A1 + 2A2 + 2A3 + 2A4 + 2A5] + [TMAX/2]A5


“Simpsons Rule which states that
Bulk Rock Volume = h/3 [A1 + 4A2 + 2A3 + 4A4 + A5] + [TMAX/2]A5

Ensuring that the correct unit is used for each variable

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