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PCN 545 GCU Social Science Abusive Relationships Discussion Questions

PCN 545 GCU Social Science Abusive Relationships Discussion Questions


Assumptions about Individuals in Abusive Relationships:

  1. They are not intelligent: This assumption is entirely unfounded. Intelligence has no bearing on whether someone ends up in an abusive relationship. People from all walks of life, including highly intelligent individuals, can find themselves in such situations due to a range of complex factors.
  2. They have a drug problem: While substance abuse can be a complicating factor in some abusive relationships, it is not the sole cause. Many individuals in abusive relationships do not have substance abuse issues, and assuming otherwise oversimplifies the complexities of these situations.
  3. They were raised poorly: Blaming one’s upbringing oversimplifies the root causes of abusive relationships. It’s important to recognize that abusive behavior is a result of the abuser’s actions, not the survivor’s upbringing.
  4. They don’t believe in God: Religion or spirituality does not determine whether someone is in an abusive relationship. Abusers can be religious or spiritual, and survivors may have a range of beliefs.

Why People Stay in Toxic, Abusive Relationships: There are numerous reasons why individuals may stay in abusive relationships, and it’s important to approach this question with empathy and understanding:

  1. Fear: Fear of physical harm, retaliation, or even death can be a powerful motivator for staying in an abusive relationship. Abusers often use threats to control their victims.
  2. Isolation: Abusers commonly isolate their victims from friends and family, making it difficult for them to seek help or support.
  3. Low self-esteem: Constant verbal and emotional abuse can erode a person’s self-esteem, making them feel unworthy of love or unable to leave the relationship.
  4. Financial dependency: Many survivors are financially dependent on their abusers, which can make leaving seem impossible.
  5. Hope for change: Some individuals stay in abusive relationships because they believe the abuser will change or that things will get better, despite repeated evidence to the contrary.
  6. Guilt and shame: Abusers often manipulate their victims into feeling guilty or ashamed, making it difficult for them to leave or seek help.
  7. Children: Concerns for the well-being of children involved in the relationship can lead individuals to stay in hopes of protecting them.
  8. Cultural or religious factors: Cultural or religious beliefs can influence someone to stay in an abusive relationship, as they may fear judgment or social ostracization if they leave.
  9. Lack of resources: Limited access to shelters, legal assistance, or support networks can make it challenging for individuals to escape abusive situations.

It’s crucial for counselors and society as a whole to approach individuals in abusive relationships with compassion, support, and understanding rather than judgment. Encouraging survivors to seek help and providing them with resources can be a lifeline for those trapped in such harmful situations.

PCN 545 GCU Social Science Abusive Relationships Discussion Questions

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I’m stuck on a Social Science question and need an explanation.


Answer the following as a counselor:

What are some assumptions that people have about individuals in abusive relationships (i.e. they are not intelligent, they have a drug problem, they were raised poorly, they don’t believe in God).


Why do you think that people stay in toxic, abusive relationships?

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