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Organization Trends & Scenarios.

 Organization Trends & Scenarios.


To complete this assignment, you’ll need to choose a specific nonprofit or government organization and analyze the trends and driving forces that could impact it in the long term. Since I don’t have access to specific data or information on your chosen organization, I can provide you with a general framework and examples to help you structure your analysis.

Organization: [Specify the nonprofit or government organization you’ve chosen]

Trends and Driving Forces:

  1. Demographic Changes: Analyze how demographic shifts, such as an aging population or changes in immigration patterns, might affect your organization’s mission or service demand.
  2. Technology Advancements: Consider how technological innovations, like artificial intelligence or blockchain, could enhance or disrupt your organization’s operations.
  3. Economic Factors: Examine economic trends, such as inflation rates, interest rates, and unemployment levels, and assess their potential impact on funding sources and financial stability.
  4. Environmental Sustainability: Evaluate the growing concern for environmental sustainability and how it might influence your organization’s practices and public perception.
  5. Regulatory Changes: Investigate potential changes in government regulations, tax policies, or compliance requirements that could affect your organization’s operations and funding.
  6. Social and Cultural Shifts: Analyze evolving societal attitudes and cultural norms that might impact your organization’s relevance or public support.

Inevitable or Pre-determined Forces:

Some forces may be relatively inevitable or pre-determined, such as demographic changes related to an aging population. These trends are likely to unfold gradually and can be anticipated with some degree of certainty.

Least Predictable and Negative Impact Forces:

Identify forces that are challenging to predict but could have a negative impact. For instance, unexpected economic recessions, natural disasters, or sudden shifts in public opinion can be highly disruptive.

Unpredictable Positive Event:

Consider an unpredictable event that might positively impact your organization. This could be a significant donation from a philanthropist, a breakthrough discovery relevant to your mission, or a sudden surge in public interest and support.

Wild Card Scenario (10 Years):

Imagine a scenario where your organization faces an unprecedented challenge due to a combination of factors. For example, a sudden economic downturn coincides with a major natural disaster that severely affects your organization’s operations. This scenario would test your organization’s resilience and adaptability.

Wild Card Scenario (20 Years):

Project further into the future and consider how emerging technologies, societal shifts, or global trends might completely transform your organization’s mission and operations. For instance, advancements in telemedicine could revolutionize healthcare-related nonprofits.

Remember to provide data and evidence to support your analysis and scenarios. This assignment will help you think critically about the long-term prospects of your chosen organization and prepare for potential challenges and opportunities.

 Organization Trends & Scenarios.





In Week 6, you looked at trends and driving forces that may have an impact on your organization in the long term. For this Assignment, review the data collected from previous weeks, and continue to do research using the Internet, databases, government reports, newspaper articles, and other sources.

For this Assignment, consider trends and driving forces. Explain which are the most important and likely to have the most impact, as well as which are the least predictable and would have the most negative impact on your organization. Finally, stretch your imagination and build one wild card scenario that may impact your organization in 10 years by looking at the data and information on the organization’s risks and vulnerabilities.

Use the nonprofit or government organization you have selected for your Final Project, and provide the following: Summarize which trends and driving forces are the most important and will have the most impact on your organization in 10 years.

Are any of these inevitable or pre-determined? Summarize which forces are least predictable and would have the most negative impact on your organization. Explain an unpredictable event that may have a significant positive impact on your organization in 10 years and in 20 years.

Imagine your organization in 2025 and write a wild card scenario for your organization by looking at its risks and vulnerabilities.

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