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NYU Pervasiveness of Lynching Across the American South Discussion

NYU Pervasiveness of Lynching Across the American South Discussion


  1. Framing of Native Americans as Savages: The portrayal of Native Americans as “savages” is deeply rooted in American history. This stereotype was perpetuated through various means, including literature, media, and government policies. Such framing had several significant impacts on the development of the United States:
    • Land Acquisition: The perception of Native Americans as “savages” was used as justification for the forced removal of Indigenous peoples from their ancestral lands. This led to the displacement and marginalization of Native American communities as settlers expanded westward during the 19th century.
    • Dehumanization: Portraying Native Americans as savages dehumanized them in the eyes of European settlers and later American society. This dehumanization made it easier for policies like forced relocations (such as the Trail of Tears) and violence against Native communities to be justified.
    • Cultural Erasure: The framing of Native Americans as savages contributed to the erasure of their cultures, languages, and traditions. This erasure had a lasting impact on Indigenous communities, their identities, and their ability to preserve their heritage.
  2. Pervasiveness of Lynching in the American South: Lynching was a form of racial violence primarily targeting African Americans in the American South, although it was not limited to this region. Lynching had several effects on the development of the South:
    • Terror and Social Control: Lynching was used as a tool of terror to control and subjugate African American communities. The threat of lynching perpetuated a climate of fear and racial hierarchy in the South, which affected every aspect of life for Black people.
    • Suppression of Civil Rights: The fear of lynching often deterred African Americans from asserting their civil rights, including the right to vote and participate in the political process. This hindered the progress of civil rights movements in the South.
    • Legacy of Trauma: The legacy of lynching continues to impact communities today. It left deep emotional scars and contributed to the racial disparities and divisions that persist in the American South.

Understanding how historical narratives like the framing of Native Americans as savages and the prevalence of lynching developed is essential for making sense of the present. Here’s why:

  • Contextual Understanding: Recognizing the historical context allows us to understand the roots of contemporary issues such as racial inequality, discrimination, and social injustice. It helps us appreciate that many present-day disparities have historical origins.
  • Critical Thinking: Analyzing historical narratives encourages critical thinking about the narratives and stereotypes we encounter today. It allows us to question and challenge prevailing beliefs and biases.
  • Promoting Change: Awareness of historical injustices can motivate individuals and societies to work toward rectifying past wrongs and creating a more equitable future.
  • Building Empathy: Learning about historical narratives can foster empathy by helping us understand the experiences and struggles of marginalized communities, which can lead to more inclusive and compassionate societies.

In summary, understanding the historical framing of Native Americans and the history of lynching in the American South is crucial for comprehending the roots of present-day social, racial, and political issues, and it provides a foundation for working towards a more just and equitable future.

NYU Pervasiveness of Lynching Across the American South Discussion

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Explain how the framing of Native Americans as savages and the pervasiveness of lynching across the American South, as discussed in the sources linked in this module, played central roles in the development of those regions following the end of Reconstruction. How does knowing and thinking about how historical narratives developed impact our ability to make sense of the present?

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