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New York Institute of Technology Manhattan Campus Marketing Question

New York Institute of Technology Manhattan Campus Marketing Question


To evaluate the findings and conclusions of the article:

  1. Abstract and Introduction: Begin by reading the abstract and introduction of the article. These sections usually provide a summary of the key findings and the main conclusion(s) of the research.
  2. Methodology: Check the methodology section to understand how the research was conducted. Assess whether the methods used are appropriate and whether the sample size and data collection techniques are robust.
  3. Results: Examine the results section to understand the empirical findings. Assess whether the data supports the conclusions drawn by the author.
  4. Discussion: Look for the author’s interpretation of the results in the discussion section. Do the conclusions logically follow from the data presented? Are there alternative interpretations that the author has not considered?
  5. Conclusion: Summarize the key conclusions drawn by the author. Evaluate whether these conclusions are well-supported by the evidence presented in the article.

Regarding the author’s point of view and assumptions:

  1. Author’s Perspective: Consider the author’s background and affiliation. Is the author affiliated with an organization or institution that could potentially introduce bias?
  2. Assumptions: Identify any assumptions made by the author in the article. Are these assumptions clearly stated, or are there hidden assumptions that could affect the validity of the research?
  3. Bias: Assess whether there is any bias present in the article. Bias can manifest in various forms, such as confirmation bias (interpreting evidence to support pre-existing beliefs), funding bias (if the research was funded by an interested party), or publication bias (selective reporting of positive results).
  4. Unsubstantiated Claims: Check if the article contains any unsubstantiated claims or statements that are not backed by evidence. A well-researched article should rely on empirical data and credible sources to support its claims.
  5. Objective vs. Subjective: Distinguish between objective analysis and subjective opinions in the article. Ideally, scholarly articles should rely on objective analysis and avoid subjective biases.

Remember that a thorough evaluation of an article requires a close reading of the entire text. If you have access to the article, you can apply the above guidelines to assess its quality and the author’s perspective effectively.

New York Institute of Technology Manhattan Campus Marketing Question





Please find the link below for the peer-reviewed article “How Blockchain can impact financial services – The overview, challenges and recommendations from expert Interviewees about pertaining to blockchain and finance”

link: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0040162520309926?via%3Dihub

Answer below sections
Discuss the findings and conclusion(s) drawn by the article’s author.

Discuss the author’s point of view and assumptions. Indicate whether unsubstantiated assumptions were made and whether there is bias that exists in the article.

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