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New Theories in Child Development.

New Theories in Child Development.


Question 1 (Q1):

In the field of child development and parenting, newer theoretical perspectives have emerged to complement or challenge traditional models, offering a more comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved. One such theory that stands out is the Intersectionality theory. Intersectionality posits that an individual’s experiences and outcomes are shaped not only by a single factor but by the interplay of multiple social identities, including race, gender, class, and sexuality. This theory meets a crucial need in understanding child development and parenting by acknowledging the diverse and intersecting factors that influence a child’s upbringing.

The Intersectionality theory recognizes that children are not solely defined by one aspect of their identity but by the complex web of social categories to which they belong. For example, a child’s experiences will be significantly influenced by their race, gender, and socio-economic background. This perspective is essential for parents and educators to understand the unique challenges and opportunities each child faces.

Personally, the Intersectionality theory makes the most sense to me and is the most interesting because it resonates with the complex reality of human lives. I can relate this theory to my own experience as an individual who belongs to multiple social categories. For instance, being a woman of color, I have faced unique challenges that are not solely attributed to my gender or race but the intersection of both. This theory helps explain how these multiple aspects of identity interact to shape one’s experiences.

To illustrate, consider a scenario where a child is raised in a racially diverse, low-income neighborhood. This child’s experiences and opportunities will be shaped by the intersecting factors of race, socio-economic status, and community resources. Understanding these intersections is vital for parents, educators, and policymakers to provide support and create an environment conducive to healthy child development.

Question 2 (Q2):

Aro, a 9-month-old boy adopted from Bangladesh and now residing in the United States, will experience significant influences from his heredity, environment, and individual differences that will collectively determine his development.

Heredity plays a crucial role in Aro’s development. His biological components and genetics will contribute to his physical and possibly some behavioral traits. For instance, he may inherit certain health predispositions or physical characteristics from his biological parents. However, it’s important to note that while heredity provides a foundation, it does not solely determine his development but interacts with other factors.

Aro’s environment, including his new home in the United States, will also shape his development significantly. He will be exposed to a different cultural and societal context, potentially leading to changes in his language, socialization, and cultural identity. The environment, including access to healthcare, education, and the socio-economic status of his adoptive family, will affect his overall well-being and opportunities.

Individual differences are a critical aspect of Aro’s development. Each child is unique, with their own temperament, personality, and disposition. Aro’s individual differences will influence how he responds to his new environment and the challenges he may face during the adjustment process.

From a theoretical perspective, Aro’s experience can be explained using Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory. This theory emphasizes the importance of considering multiple layers of influence on a child’s development, including the microsystem (immediate family and home), mesosystem (interactions between various microsystems), exosystem (external influences indirectly affecting the child), and macrosystem (cultural and societal values). Aro’s development will be shaped by the interplay of these systems as he transitions from his Bangladeshi heritage to the American context.

In conclusion, Aro’s development is a complex interplay of heredity, environment, and individual differences. The transition to a new country, culture, and family will be a dynamic process, and theoretical perspectives like Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory help us understand the multifaceted influences on his development.

New Theories in Child Development.



Below is the instruction for the two questions. Each question has its own reading material. I have uploaded the reading material for each question below (Reading Material Q1 is for Question 1, Reading Material Q2 is for Question 2)

Below is Question 1 (Q1):

Considering the many theoretical alternatives to the traditional, long-standing models, how do you think the newer theories meet a need in understanding child development and parenting?

Reflect upon the additional resources about theoretical perspectives (Feminist, Gilligan’s Stages of Moral Development, Intersectionality, Racism framework).

What theory makes the most sense to you or was the most interesting?

Briefly explain the theory as part of your explanation

How can you relate your own experience or that of someone close to you to one of these theories?

Share an example from either the child or parent perspective.

  • Below is Question 2 (Q2):
  • The short answer assessment portion of each module will incorporate all of the pieces you have worked with throughout the previous sections. You will be expected to use information from our course resources in order to answer the questions presented here. You are discouraged from simply Googling the prompts as you may be directed to information that is off-topic, without appropriate context, or out-of-date. Your first resources should be our course resources!

These questions will require more advanced thinking and consideration to earn full credit. Make sure to support your answers with detail, data and facts presented in the resources, along with ties to cultural and societal influences. You should also include theoretical perspectives as appropriate.  You should NOT quote anything directly from any resources. Instead, you should paraphrase using your own words, and cite the source appropriately (APA citation preferred, but other citation methods will be accepted). When paraphrasing, think about how you would explain the concept or idea to a classmate or parent. Show me through your writing that you understand the ideas, not just that you can locate the concept in a reading.

  • Question:
  • 9-month-old Aro (male), born in Bangladesh, has just been adopted by an American couple and is moving to the United States. Explain how Aro’s heredity, environment, and individual difference will play a role in determining his development. Also include a theoretical perspectives to help explain what Aro might be going through.

5pts for heredity (biological components, genetics)

  • 5pts for environment (home, country, society, culture)

5pts for individual difference (Aro as a unique person)

5pts for incorporating theor

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